Mylio Power for All, Just $99.00/Year

Posted Dec. 15th, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

Mylio power for all is now available for just $99.00/year. The folks over at Mylio have updated their pricing plans and decided on just two. FREE and $99.00 per year. That’s a huge drop. The plan I’m currently using was originally $29.99/month. That’s now down to $8.33/month. It’s going to be a Merry Christmas after all!

In all seriousness, this is a great deal. For those with lots of images to keep track of, $99.00/year is a steal! Especially for what this program allows you to do. I have access to my entire 1.2 million images on any device Mylio is on, which includes my 256GB iPhone. 1.2 million images on an iPhone for goodness sakes!

Barbara Nielsen (PBI), Annie Edwards (Fabric Media), and Emily Ringer (PBI) spend a day viewing polar bears on a Tundra Buggy in Churchill, Manitoba.

Mylio’s not just beneficial for the average user, but it’s spectacular for small businesses and nonprofits as well. My colleagues at Polar Bears International are using Mylio. They have several people that work remotely. Barbara Nielsen, Director of Communications, is in Washington D.C. Emily Ringer, Marketing and Communications Manager, is on the upper east coast. Both these ladies help PBI with the web and social media.

BJ Kirschhoffer working with the Mylio/PBI photo library. Bozeman, Montana

When PBI gets new images loaded into Mylio in Bozeman, Montana, those pictures are immediately sent out to others on the PBI Mylio system. Within hours, maybe less, the pictures in Montana are spread across the nation to the other PBI team members. Gone are the days of Emily or Barbara having to ping the Bozeman office to get photos for their social media and web projects. All for $99.00 per year.

A female polar bear comes to investigate the camera cage on Buggy One. Gordon Point on the shores of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba

To say I’m a fan of Mylio is an understatement. You can be too. Mylio works on all platforms which include Max OS, Windows, iOS, and Android. And… you can even mix and match the different operating systems. You can have Mylio on your Windows office machine and your iPhone at the same time. Additionally, Mylio keeps NOTHING in the cloud. Your pictures are on all your devices. Mylio only uses the Internet or your local wireless network to sync all your devices.

Christmas is coming. Give yourself or someone else you know the gift of memories with Mylio.

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  1. Jean-Denis MuysOn Dec. 29th, 2019

    Yeah I would jump on Mylio if they had a perpetual license. Their free tier doesn’t work for me because I need raw support.

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