Mylio Photos Update Is Here

Posted Jun. 9th, 2022 by Daniel J. Cox

The Mylio Photos update is here with substantial changes to the Import process! As many of you know I’m a big fan of this little program called Mylio. Most serious photographers don’t even know about it let alone use it. I’m constantly amazed at photographers’ tunnel vision and inability to think outside the box. For most shooters, there’s only one program and that’s Lightroom. Mylio is a product you have to open your mind to. When you do you’ll see why this program is a huge step up on your competition whether you’re a pro or an enthusiastic amateur. Mylio is the most powerful and elegant software I’ve ever used for keeping track of my 1.3 million image library and allows me to get my images processed and out FAST!

Introduction to the new Mylio Photos

Comparing Mylio to Photo Mechanic

Before this Mylio update, I was forced to go back to using Photo Mechanic to get through my images quickly. I’ve started shooting the new Olympus OM-1, and Mylio wasn’t seeing the RAW files. Photo Mechanic doesn’t recognize the RAW OM-1 files yet either, but it automatically gave me the ability to see the JPEGs I shoot with my RAW files. I’ve asked the guys at Mylio for the same option, and they tell me they’re working on it. With the new Mylio update I can now see the RAW files. Only Adobe had support for the OM-1 before Mylio. Having to go back to Photo Mechanic was an extreme eye-opener. The difficulty of getting through 8000 to 10,000 pictures per trip reminded me of how beneficial Mylio is for sorting my pictures quickly.

Professional or enthusiast – Mylio is FAST

One of my most recent trips was a shoot in Namibia and Botswana. I’m very pleased with some of the images I captured. On the last day of our trip an email came through from Nature’s Best BENJAMIN MKAPA AFRICAN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. I decided to give the contest a try. The contest is open to all shooters, pro or amateur, and supports a great cause.

Mylio Photos Update Is Here
View of the Photo Mechanic interface

While perusing my images in Photo Mechanic I found it very difficult to get a good feel for individual pictures. I had no idea I was struggling until the new Mylio update came out and I was able to install it. I was amazed how much easier it was to really see my images due to the much cleaner and graphically superior interface. Photo Mechanic is also very quick, but it’s much less graphically pleasing to the eye making it harder to choose images quickly.

This sounds strange since PM has always been the gold standard for speed, but my eyes were opened after using Mylio for so long and then having to go back to something else. Mylio actually helped me find a much better image than one I had entered in the contest. Thankfully the contest was still open until the end of today, June 9, 2022, so I was able to switch the image out. Who knows if this picture will actually make the cut, but it was one I was certainly happier with than the original I had chosen. I missed it in Photo Mechanic.

Mylio Photos Update Is Here
View of the Mylio interface

Mylio is FREE for 30 Days then just $99.00/year

With this new Mylio update they’ve improved the importing process dramatically. I’m hopeful that’s going to solve some of the confusion of such a powerful program. I must say that newbies had a tough time navigating the ability to sync all their devices. But that’s an incredibly powerful part of Mylio and with the new import process should be easier than ever. I can’t encourage you enough to give Mylio a try. I should mention that it works seamlessly with other programs – even Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, DxO PhotoLab, Capture 1, Afinity Photo, Luminar AI, Pixelmator, and most likely others. Mylio’s strength is keeping your pictures organized, but it also has some basic editing tools that are fine for 80% of the editing work I do. If I need something more powerful I take the image out to DxO PhotoLab 5.

Editorial Update:

After publishing this post my friends at Mylio emailed me. They informed me that this new update does indeed include the new feature of Mylio being able to automatically pick up the jpeg file on any RAW files it doesn’t recognize. So when you get a new camera you should shoot RAW+JPEG and you’ll be able to see your image even though Mylio might not see the RAW file yet. That’s another huge improvement. Thank you Mylio team. To show you how fast these guys work, I only requested this feature maybe 45 days ago. Mylio Support rocks like no other.


Hope this encourages at least some of you to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Photographers are notorious for copying others. You know what I mean. We all see an image that we love and that’s the one we want to get. Do yourself a favor and start thinking differently. Mylio might be a great!

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  1. Mollie BarteltOn Jul. 23rd, 2022

    I enjoyed reading your experience with Mylio here! It is indeed a powerful program and beautifully displays your work – which is amazing. Thank you for all you do!

    Mollie B.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 23rd, 2022

      Thanks so much, Mollie. I appreciate you helping to get the word out. If it were not for Mylio my photography would be unaccesable.

  2. RyanOn Jun. 9th, 2022

    Daniel, Until 3 days ago when I was looking at your long term review of the G9, I had never heard of Mylio. I saw you had some image library of over 1 million images and thought “wow” what is that software? I found on your site you used Mylio, so I downloaded it. I’m very impressed.

    Previously, I had lived with Lightroom from before the cloud version came out, so it was long in the tooth and not too fast. I had upgraded my computer and was looking around for a new solution, and really wanting to avoid Adobe all together, I knew I was not going to use Lightroom.

    Trialed the Photomechanic with the photo library. I had intended to get that and some other software, probably DXO for editing. Well I think now it’s going to be Mylio and DXO. I try to get it right in camera and I don’t like post processing any more than I have to so I can almost live with what Mylio currently has for rudimentary editing.

    I was on Mylio’s call today to introduce their new software etc. It was a four hour call and I can already tell those folks are SERIOUS about making a great product.

    Anyway, thank you for your level headed take on software and cameras, but mostly thanks for introducing me to Mylio.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jun. 20th, 2022

      So happy you’re on board Ryan. Keeping an open mind has its rewards. I would have loved to be on that call about the new Mylio Photos. Let me know how it goes for you.

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