Music is the Key to Great Presentations

Posted May. 15th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

One of the most inspiring aspects of moving into video and multimedia presentations has been the creativity after the shoot that’s been so fulfilling. With still image production–photography–I pretty much get what I get. No doubt there can be a lot of work in getting a great image, but after that picture has been captured, I’m pretty much done.

Yes, there are those who enjoy taking an image into the computer and working it up, possibly creating something that was never there, but that’s not me. In general, once I’ve pushed the shutter button, I’m pretty much done with the creative process.  I have no interest in using the computer to create an image. Even if I did, the extra time for processing is minimal compared to what goes into a video production. That could be both good and bad, depending on what inspires you. Many don’t want the added work that comes with video. I’ve found it to be incredibly satisfying from a creative process.

Paul Decker of Musicvilla sits in with Quinton King while he strums the new Taylor 562ce.

One of the most enjoyable parts of film production is music. And it’s music that inspired me to write this post. This morning I woke to another great promo video from my good friend Paul Decker of Music Villa. Paul lives here in Bozeman and has by far the most beautiful music store I’ve ever walked into. He’s particularly known for his acoustic guitar display showcasing Gibson, Taylor, and Martin guitars. A lot of the guitar he uses can be found on instrument reviews on MusicCritic. The video above is part of a regular series he produces where he gets great guitar players to come by and strum a new instrument from one of his vendors.

This is the page I start on for the process of selecting music from Triple Scoop music.

This post is more of an inspiration than anything. But I can share with you that my favorite vendor on the web for purchasing the rights to production music is Triple Scoop Music. They have an easy system that you can quickly click through songs and find what you need, which may even inspire the student in your home to pursue an Online high school guitar credit. You can select specific genres, moods, themes, and other categories to rapidly find that perfect tune for a slideshow or video.

I love music as most photographers do. It’s just one additional element of the creative process that makes video production so much fun and rewarding. Get inspired—take a listen to the video above and hear what this guitar sounds like, but even more important, the talent of Quinton King, the young man playing. Wow, I wish I could play like that. Enjoy.

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