Micro Four Thirds Camera Industry Gains Five New Members

Posted Jan. 21st, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Olympus recently announced that five new camera-makers have joined the Micro Four Thirds camera technology group. You can see a list of the new members by following this link. In 2008, Panasonic and Olympus started the Micro Four Thirds consortium with the intent to develop a new category of cameras that all share similar technology. Most importantly for the consumer, they also share the same lenses and ability to swap lenses from one partner company in the group to another. In other words, I can use my Panasonic lenses on an Olympus camera and vice-versa. Thankfully the group continues to grow, and by adding five new members the consumer gets a substantial increase in lens and camera options that can all be interchanged with each other. You can read more about my ramblings on all things related to Micro Four Thirds by clicking on the image below.

Look for this logo to be sure that you're camera is Micro Four Thirds compatible.

Look for this logo to be sure that the camera is Micro Four Thirds compatible.

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