Merry Christmas From Cuverville Island, Antarctica

Posted Dec. 27th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Merry Christmas everybody. I hope you all have had as wonderful of a day as Tanya and I did today. We spent the day on Cuverville Island on the Antarctica Peninsula as part of our Seabourn Quest Antarctic Expedition. The day ended with the Expedition team making our way back to the ship. When we got to the rear platform we saw a chinstrap penguin head right for the zodiac.

All of a sudden he was flying through the air straight into our rubber boat. I nearly dropped my camera but thankfully kept my wits about me long enough to get a few pictures. Not sure why he jumped in with us – it’s possible a leopard seal was after him, but it made it a special day for sure. Robyn, our expedition leader, was starting to head for shore thinking we needed to get him somewhere safe. Unfortunately he jumped back into the the icy water and swam around somewhat frantically. I’m hopeful his day ended as well as ours. Merry Christmas to all of you and all the animals we share this planet with. I’m finishing this blog entry after a beautiful holiday dinner of turkey, cranberries and a chestnut dressing. It was very nice – nothing like what my mother can fix, but it was a close second. The chefs here are absolutely some of the finest in the world. At our evening recap our Expedition leader Robyn West informed us that we were going to change our plans, and instead of spending one additional day on the Antarctic Peninsula, we were heading for South Georgia. So it will be one extra day on South Georgia which is terrific news. Two days of sailing and we’ll be in South Georgia.

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