Mentor Series Photography Tour in Acadia NP and Bar Harbor, Maine

Posted Oct. 2nd, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

I just returned from northern Maine where I was one of two mentors for the Mentor Series World Wide Photography Treks. The other mentor was my old college buddy Layne Kennedy, and as always we had a great time teaching the craft of photography as well as getting to know lots of new photo enthusiasts. The weather was a bit of a challenge but nothing we couldn’t handle with a little luck. The great thing about photographers who appreciate nature are typically pretty flexible.

Main street in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Much of our time was spent photographing in Acadia National Park, but we also worked the beautiful little town of Bar Harbor and Isleford. The Acadia region is simply spectacular with phenomenal scenery, interesting faces, and fabulous food. Lobster rolls were on every corner and there was often times a friendly, interesting face behind the counter handing it over.

The Schooner Margaret Todd anchored at the dock in Bar Harbor, Maine, silhouetted against the rising sun.

Erica Johnson of the Mentor Series was our fearless leader on this Trek, and Michelle Cast was along to help out. The main reason I do these treks has as much to do with the organizational skills of these ladies as anything else. They really do their homework and take extremely good care of everyone involved. Equally important is the enjoyment and inspiration I get from seeing budding photographers work their magic. I would love to be the one who knows and sees it all, but even after nearly 30 years of taking pictures, I’m constantly impressed and enlightened by the images I see from so-called amateurs. Everybody has their unique style, vision, and personal approach to photography. With the Mentor Treks I get to experience dozens of different views at one time and I end up learning as much, or more, than the people I’m helping.

If you’re interested I’ve created a small gallery of images I shot on the Trek. You can see them by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a note via the Blog. I’m happy to help with whatever I can.

World Wide Mentors Trek to Bar Harbor and Acadia, Maine

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