Major Mylio Update

Posted Nov. 2nd, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

The new major Mylio update is finally here. I’ve been using Mylio now for at least three years, and it’s currently organizing just short of 1,200,000 images in my library. This program has given me access to my pictures I’ve never had. I can’t praise this software enough. The speaking engagements I do today would not be possible without Mylio. My Mylio friends in Seattle have been telling me about this update for almost a year now.

They’ve made some huge changes. Of these, I’m looking forward to testing is the new Import Tool. Mylio has always been so powerful, and intimate knowledge about how to Import was a must. I’m told getting your main library Imported correctly the first time is much easier.

I’m making this a short post since I’ve not downloaded the new version yet. I’m currently working on my program for Kenmore Camera and plan to show Mylio this weekend so I don’t want any changes I’m not familiar with. But once Kenmore is over I’ll be all over it. Below is a list of new features.

New Features

  • Mylio has gone to Dark mode! Our most popular way to view Mylio is now the default with a new interface.
  • Make your first run into Mylio easier with an updated Setup Wizard.
  • Simple import from SD Card and Camera options.
  • Integrate your Calendar with Mylio. Let us do the heavy lifting with getting things sorted into events you already have in your life calendars.
  • See more inside Your Mylio World, Notifications, Devices, and customizable statistical views with a new Dashboard.
  • Create Vaults to house all your original memories, making syncing easier to manage while protecting what matters most.
  • Auto-optimize image quality to take up a fraction of the space on your devices, but look just as great!
  • Updated Rating Bar allows for you to easily tag photos with star ratings, color labels, and flags. You can even pin your “Photo of the Day”.
  • Filter and sort your currently viewed folder or album with custom criteria.
  • Maps can now be viewed in full screen!
  • Export images with your watermarks from mobile.
  • Batch Tagging faces finding the people most important to you in your library.
  • Added RAW support for the following cameras: Sony RX100 VI, Sony A7 MIII.

Stay tuned for a in-depth look at Mylio in the near future.

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