Tom Curley’s Passion For Professionals and Serious Enthusiasts Lives on at Lumix

Posted Sep. 26th, 2021 by Daniel J. Cox

My time as a Lumix Ambassador

Sometime back around 2010, I began tinkering with Lumix cameras. I eventually began working with Lumix and connected with a gentleman named Tom Curley. I didn’t know Tom at the time even though he had spent almost 27 years as the Lead Marketing Director for Fujifilm in North America. When I joined the Lumix Ambassador Team, Tom was Business Development Manager of Lumix Professional Services. Although Tom retired in June of 2020, his legacy lives on in the form of impeccable professional service and I recently experienced firsthand his dedicated passion for serving the professional market.

Lumix Professional Services
Tom Curley, the third person in from the left in the blue shirt, at my studio with Lumix engineers.

Soaking a Lumix Camera

I recently dumped my mountain bike in a stream I was crossing. On the back of my bike was my camera bag not entirely zipped properly. Water poured into one side, and my Lumix G9 was swamped. I took it home, dried it out, and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, it was fried. Thus began my experience with Tom Curley’s legacy in Lumix Professional Services.

Attempting to cross a local stream. Notice the camera bag on the back with the open zipper. It didn’t’ go well.

Exceptional Lumix Repair Service

When I signed on to the Lumix website I was greeted by an extremely well-designed and organized presentation. Years before I had added all my Lumix cameras and lenses. I found the one with the proper serial number and I began filling in the online form. It was painless, and upon completion provided an overnight shipping label with FedEx (the carrier I trust the most for expensive items).

Within two days I had received a quote of $428 US, a fee I felt was very fair considering I had swamped what is basically a computer. I paid the bill via my professional services account and within two more days, I had my camera in hand.

I just wanted to share this experience with others. Having great service is a big part of the camera brand investment. Tom Curley made sure serious shooters were covered and I’m grateful for that. If you ever run into Tom Curley make sure you thank him for a job well done.

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