Lumix GH6 & Olympus OM-1

Posted Feb. 27th, 2022 by Daniel J. Cox

This past week was exciting for the Micro Four Thirds community with the announcements of the Lumix GH6 and Olympus OM-1. Two cameras, one each from the two heavyweights in the world of Micro Four Thirds image capture.

Micro Four Thirds GH6 & OM-1 are two new cameras
Thanks to 43Rumos for the info above.

The power of YouTube

A couple of years ago, one very well-known YouTuber professed to the world that Micro Four Thirds was dead. He was known for carrying on ad nauseam about how there was no interest for such disadvantaged cameras. For him, the only way forward was full-frame. I never could understand why anyone would feel tearing down Olympus and Panasonic was advantageous. How could anybody think fewer options would be better than more?

Micro Four Thirds GH6 & OM-1 are two new cameras

Even if a person didn’t care for the MFT system, why would anybody want fewer choices? He actually justified his position by stating, “I feel it’s my duty to be honest with people.” And since he knew the inner workings of the camera industry much better than most—at least that’s what he professed—he was the chosen one to tell us all the blinding truth. Just to be clear, I’m paraphrasing, and my recollection may be a bit skewed. But in short… he felt he was the most appropriate authority to share this news, since he was obligated to protect his viewers. I remember watching that video and thinking, “What’s with this guy? Why is he trying to destroy these manufacturers?”

Micro Four Thirds GH6 & OM-1 are two new cameras

Olympus and Panasonic all in on MFT

Thankfully, so far it seems, the super pundit hasn’t succeeded. Those of us who believe in MFT have had to wait through a long dry spell. But this past week we were rewarded for our patience. Not only did we see two great new products announced, but we had this comment from the folks at Panasonic, “We’re committed to developing the full MFT lineup.”

OM Digital Solutions (Olympus) hasn’t had to verbalize their commitment to MFT, since they’ve chosen to not branch out into full-frame cameras. OM Systems proves its commitment every day by releasing new MFT products all the while keeping the doors open. Not easy for a brand new company.

Comparing specs of each camera

The two new cameras have a fair amount in common, but they do have some major differences. Below is a graphic from a B&H Photo web page that is linked to a detailed list of all specs between each camera.

Click on this image to be taken to the B&H website for more details.

My short time with GH6

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled Lumix GH6 Has Much Improved Autofocus. I won’t rewrite what is already in that post. But the one thing I keep thinking about from that shoot is how beautiful the files look. I can’t put my finger on it. All I can say is the quality of the images is different than other MFT cameras I’ve shot to date. The color, the contrast, they just look gorgeous. I’m hopeful to have the GH6 for a longer period of time in the future. If I get the chance I’ll try to figure it out. In my prior post on the GH6 (link at the top of this paragraph) you can find original JPEGs that you can download for your own personal review.

Lumix GH6 autofocus
A 100% crop of one of the images from the GH6.

No time with the OM-1

Unfortunately I’ve not had any luck getting my hands on an OM-1. I was working hard this past week to pull strings, ANY string, to acquire a test unit to take on assignment for the Arctic Documentary Project. But alas, I leave in two days, and all threads have turned up unraveled. Strings dangling in the wind and nary an OM-1 in my camera pack. Such is life. I’ve ordered two of them and hope to see at least one when I return in mid-March. We can pick this up then.

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  1. Luis MesaOn Apr. 4th, 2022

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I got the OM-1 at the beginning of March. Preliminary testing gave indications of a very fast sensor, good in low light, and at high iSOs, and a very solid camera. On March 17 I went to Morocco with this camera and the EM1 M3 bodies and a few lenses. In short, the camera is nothing but spectacular, getting many clear shots taken while traveling by bus throughout Morocco, with very few missed shots. The performance at high speed, low light, and high ISO is nothing but spectacular. I only had one battery because Olympus was not shipping the extra battery I ordered, and they didn’t have the very expensive charger, but the charge is more than sufficient for very busy days of shooting, and the in-camera charging works well with power banks and regular plugs.
    I will be selling my EM1 iii, and will keep my Lumix G-9.
    Most of my pictures were taken with the Oly 12-100 pro, which is a fantastic travel lens.
    I highly recommend the OM-1.

  2. Kent JakuszOn Mar. 25th, 2022

    I took delivery of my GH6 on 3/14/22. Great camera in all regards except customer service. I purchased it under a promo program “Free Gift for GH6 Early Adopters”. This offer is for a free 128GB Lexar CFexpress memory card. My problem is after registering the GH6 as a LPS member I am unable to complete the registration process because there is no option to continue to the final steps. I emailed them numerous times with only an automated response. 
    Has anyone received their “free” CFexpress card?
    I also tried Panasonic customer service via telephone . You can not speak with anyone. Try it 800 211 7262, unbelievable.
    To compare I telephoned Olympus and immediately got connected with a very helpful and knowledgeable rep. Buyer beware a product is only as good as it’s customer service.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 29th, 2022

      Sorry to hear that Kent. I too have run into issues with Customer Service in the last couple of months. Not sure what’s going on but it is disappointing.

  3. Portrait of Joe Dotson

    Joe DotsonOn Mar. 2nd, 2022

    Dan, any news about testing the new OM-1? Would like to see a review before I commit.


    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 2nd, 2022

      Would love to help you out Joe but unfortunately, the OM-1 bodies are in short supply. Even more, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to convince Olympus to send me one. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for not committing to just one supplier. You’re just one of the many. That said I have two of them on order. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed with it.

  4. Mircea BlanaruOn Feb. 28th, 2022

    I hope I don’t bother you, but I just can’t stay away and say nothing about your statements as I totally agree with you. As I said, I am with Olympus and Panasonic since 2008, buying Romanian photography reviews and books and also watching photography sites on the internet and I saw and read a lot of (bad) opinions about this standard so I had to inspect by myself digital full frame camera images found on the Internet (especially those at higher than 1250 ISO) to see if they are really clean of noise and other artifacts as these reviews claimed. And surprise!! The ugly face of noise was there showing that my little 4/3 and m4/3 camera are clearly not miles away behind the full frames at a given moment. And also, the low ISO images are looking super cool so I was quite upset about the not fair attacks against these, more affordable cameras. (I am not mentioning here the advantages of m4/3 standard like portability, the speed, very good image stabilization system, having a low profile and lots of lenses to chose from…etc.) So I thought if Olympus and Panasonic cameras are not good enough because of their “restrictive” smaller sensor let see that in real world exists better less restrictive sensors than even the full frame ones: the Medium Format sensors… And the debate can continue to almost infinity… So let also the Micro 4/3rd standard to exist for the benefit of a lot of photographers…

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