Lumix GH5 Video AF Improvement

Posted Mar. 5th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

Lumix GH5 VIDEO AF Improvement

Most of my readers here on the Blog are mainly still shooters. However, I’ve been steadily adding moving pictures/video in my own work and some of our Explorers are doing the same. Video is just one of the main reasons I’ve switched from my beloved Nikons to my newly beloved Lumix cameras. Panasonic is not well known for still cameras YET, but they’ve been in the video business for decades.

Even so, their recently released high-end Lumix GH5, known for its video prowess, had a serious issue for Vloggers. The problem was AF accuracy as you turned the camera on yourself. Doing a high-end video selfie actually has a good purpose, unlike the mostly egotistical, self-centered practice of still picture selfies Kim Kardashian has inspired. With video selfies you can actually help teach a technique, report a story, etc. Imagine that, a real reason to be in front of the camera. OK, just about got off on a rant. Back to the GH5 video AF fix.

There are dozens and dozens of YouTube videos out there that were inspired by a recent fix first posted by Yodayeo. But none of them are as detailed and well presented as this one by Matt Kreig. Matt’s a very likable YouTube face with a down-to-earth personality and great technique. He does a great job starting from the very beginning in simple, easy-to-follow steps for fixing the dreaded blogging AF issue. You can see Matt step through the procession with great and easy to understand detail here. Please note that with all this info flying around about the GH5’s AF, this fix is for video ONLY. This fix does not pertain to stills which I’ve found the GH5 to do just fine with.

Thanks Matt for a great presentation. I’ll be watching your channel for other instructional tidbits in the future. Keep up the great work.



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