Lumix GH5 Discussion From The Folks at B&H Photo

Posted Mar. 29th, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

For those who missed the Lumix GH5 discussion at B&H Photo and video I thought you might like to see it for yourself here. So I’ve added it to the Blog.

There are some great new insights but I have to say I was disappointed the talk was mainly from the view of video professionals. That said, it’s still worth a watch. And by the way, I just recieved my GH5 and will be starting to put it through some tests.

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  1. Tom OcasekOn May. 8th, 2017

    I graduated from 25 years of using Nikon’s latest and greatest to Panasonic GH3’s and 4 lenses 5 years ago and never missed anything technically, but loved having my whole system in a Lowe Magnum bag on my shoulder (at 1/3 the cost). As a STILLs photographer my original concern over the potential loss of sensor size never materialized. The proof for me is to print a 20X30′ color print that folks enjoy – great colors, resolution and crisp focus. The GH4 improved many features, but the GH5 is a home run for all the reasons they market.
    As a past owner of a camera store selling the big brands, my experience with Panasonic is unique among manufacturers – they ask and then listen to professionals like Dan Cox when designing and building their cameras. I mean really listen which is how it is supposed to work…….
    Aloha, To Dan and Panasonic………..Tom Ocasek

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn May. 9th, 2017

      Tom, thanks so much for adding your insight and kind comments. I just returned from Namibia and Botswana shooting the GH5 and G85. I can’t put my finger on it quite yet but the improvements in the still images coming out of both these cameras is very noticeable, especially the GH5. Three of our NE Explorers, also shooting the GH5, commented on the tack sharp images they were getting with the GH5 and the Leica 100-400mm zoom. All of them had used the GH4, which they were happy with, but there is something different happening with the GH5 and the Leica 100-400mm. I’ve seen it myself and the quality is just another step up from everything prior. It may be the better Dual IS, maybe it’s the new processing engine, not sure at this point but the stills out of this camera are amazing. Thanks for stopping in to add your voice. Hope to see you again at some point. You’re always welcome either here in Montana or in our NE community here on the blog.

  2. Rich BallOn Apr. 2nd, 2017

    All of the reviews to date have waxed poetic about the video features and then at the end their is a tepid “and it takes pretty good stills comment or two. Mark Toal on his trip through Seattle had some nice prints made from a preproduction GH5 to show off it’s low light high ISO capabilities. At this point I have feeling they are losing the stills photographers. I love the physical interface on the GH4 and they have retained it on the GH5 but quite frankly after that I’m not sure there is enough beyond that to make me want to open up my wallet. Maybe i’ll wait for a GX9.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Apr. 2nd, 2017

      I agree Rich that Panasonic has not done all they could, in my humble opinion, to showcase the still capabilities of this camera. I don’t understand why they’re so concentrated on the video side of things. It truly is a fabulous still camera as well. I just recently received my GH5 and will be putting it to work doing all the things a still shooter needs. Be sure to stay tuned for my take on this camera from a still photographers perspective.

    • Rich BallOn Apr. 4th, 2017

      Dan – From the other posts I’m not the only one dismayed with the lack of info/sales propaganda on the GH5 for stills photographers. If in your testing you can talk more about the 6k capture mode and autofocus it would be great. Do all the added autofocus areas help or just add to the photographer work load? How do you actually use the AF? Does post focus work in the 6k capture mode? Is low light AF improved? These are just a few of the questions I have. I’m sure other readers have questions as well.

      Thanks and Best Regards – Rich

  3. Paul ZalewskiOn Apr. 1st, 2017

    Ditto. Micro four thirds only good for video?

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Apr. 1st, 2017

      Paul, If this is a question the answer is absolutely not. Micro Four Thirds and Lumix in particular, are solid, professional quality still cameras, at least in the GH4 and GH5. The Lumix cameras are such great video machines, their still capabilities are often overlooked. It doesn’t help that Panasonic continues to emphasize the brand’s video capabilities and it’s a shame they don’t do more to include serious still shooters in some of their media presentations, like this one from B&H. I have no idea why out of five people there could not have been at least one professional still shooter giving their side of the Lumix story for still photographers. IO guess that’s where I come in though it will have to be here on the Blog. But if you guys help we can get the still photo story out to the world via the web. Stay tuned, I’ll be giving my brand new GH5 a solid testing here in the next week or so.

  4. Gary S.On Apr. 1st, 2017

    Agreed on the video-centric nature of the discussion. It did drag on a bit. On the video side I have seen the Vimeo video “Hand-Cut” by Griffin Hammond and I think that does show what the GH5 can do in video form. Griffin appears to be pretty talented with Lumix cameras…….He did have a timelapse sequence in “Hand-Cut”.Look forward to Dan’s review of the GH5….Gary

  5. Glen A. FoxOn Mar. 31st, 2017

    This vidiocentric discussion did very little to help us assess this camera’s relative merits for capturing still images of wildlife. Almost everything I’ve read or scene make it very clear that this is the ultimate video camera, and stills are mentioned as an after-thought. So its up to still-shooters like you to give us your honest assessment without all the video-related mumbo-jumbo. I’m looking forward to that, and your comparison with the Olympus EM1- Mk ii, which is definitely a terrific still-shooters camera. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 31st, 2017

      Could not agree more about the “video centric” discussion comment Glen. Would have been really nice if they had a still photographer as part of that panel.

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