Lumix Firmware Update Video Tutorial

Posted Aug. 8th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

Lumix Firmware Update Video Tutorial

One of the greatest benefits any camera manufacture can offer is support after you buy your camera. It’s especially beneficial for today’s digital cameras that can be updated with features, improvements, etc. by way of a simple firmware update. Showing you how is exactly what the Lumix Firmware Update Video Tutorial is all about. Unfortunately, updating firmware has not been as easy as some would like. With that in mind, I was recently alerted to this video tutorial that steps through the process. Thanks Tom Curley (our fearless Lumix Ambassador leader) for sending this to my attention.

You can read more about updating your firmware in these Blog posts. Keeping your camera up to date is extremely important and is a tremendous value added we all get from the better manufacturers. I highly recommend you check these tutorials out to make sure your camera is up to date.

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