Layne Kennedy Gives a Brief Intro on the Use of Lens Baby

Posted Mar. 3rd, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

Recently my good friend and old college buddy (University of Minnesota, Duluth) Layne Kennedy, shared his creative thoughts and instructions on one of his favorite tools, the Lens Baby, which he attached to a Nikon D3 camera. This short video is a basic introduction to this interesting way of capturing photos. In this mini-film, Layne discusses his techniques and vision with two Trekkers he and I were Mentoring on our recent Mentor Series Photography Trek to Banff, Alberta.

Layne has always been a seriously creative person. You should have seen some the the psychedelic images he created during our time in school together. I distinctly remember one image where he was combining exposures of an industrial plant in Duluth that had steam coming from its smokestacks. I seem to remember three different smokestacks with steam bellowing out. He used three colored filters, one each during three different exposures, which gave each steam column a different color. At last that’s how I remember it. Maybe Layne will stop by the blog to refresh my memory. I’ll ping him so stop back to see if he fills us in.

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