Last Stand - Ted Turner's Quest to Save A Troubled Planet

Posted Oct. 13th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Ted Turner Conservationist

Last Stand Ted Turners true story is about Turners life and philanthropy Many of our NE Explorers who’ve traveled with us have heard me talk about Ted Turner, a man I consider one of the greatest conservationists living. I’ve been fortunate to live in Mr. Turner’s backyard, Bozeman, Montana, and his philanthropy efforts are sometimes reported by the Bozeman Chronicle. The account I’ve told many of our Explorer’s relates to Mr. Turner’s unbelievably generous gift  of 1 Billion dollars to the United Nations in September 1997.

Cover of Todd Wilkinson’s book about Ted Turner titled Last Stand.


Many folks around the world have no idea it was Ted Turner who inspired the tremendous giving we see today. Back in 1997 Mr. Turner donated over 1/3 of his wealth to the UN and at the time he chastised many other wealthy Americans, specifically naming Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as people who should consider giving back. It wasn’t long after Mr. Turner challenged these folks that the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation was started as well as others that are now major sources of helping our planet. Yes, there were many who came before Ted Turner but most of the giving took place in the first part of the twentieth century. People like Andrew Carnegie, The Rockefellers, George Eastman, Henry Ford and many others. You can see a list of great Americans who felt compelled to give back to many different causes. You can be assured that Ted Turner will someday be a part of if not at the very top of this list.

It’s all there in Last Stand

You can read his amazing story in the new book by Todd Wilkinson titled: Last Stand. This was by far the most inspiring and motivating book I’ve ever read. The last part of the book discusses the issues we’re experiencing today in our governmental problems and how the new media of the day has effected our society in a myriad of negative ways. I read this book from cover to cover and had to pry myself away when work and sleep called.

See more of what is close to Ted Turner’s heart by visiting the Turner Endangered Species Fund, Turner Foundation, United Nations, Captain Planet Foundation,

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  1. Jack coxOn Dec. 14th, 2013

    I’m thinking that if your through reading this book you might send it to me.

    Love, dad

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