Kenya, Africa 2011 Photographic Workshop Tour

Posted Jan. 13th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

January 11, 2011

We’ve landed in Nairobi. Tanya and I as well as three of our guests arrived at the Nairobi National Airport about 8:30pm last night. What a change it is to come from the cold air of Montana to the warm dry climate of Kenya. Over the next couple of days we’ll be greeting our other 13 guests for the coming 12 days of photography and exploration. Travel is such a wonderful way to wake your senses, to jump start the sences that make your skin tingle. As we stand watching the circuitous path of a 747’s belly full of baggage pass the roving eyes of several hundred travelers, Africa’s aroma is in the air. A mixture of flowers, burning fires and the scent of grasses, dirt, diesel and more bring me back to the first time I stepped in to this land of extremes.  Africa is the worlds second largest continent and though still primitive in many ways it’s people are beginning to make the changes that will lead the world with sustainable practices.

Several years ago I became fascinated by the cellular infrastructure and technology Kenya has in place. Living in Montana, twenty miles north of the city of Bozeman, we have less cell phone coverage than the Masai who live in the heart of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Apparently Kenya’s newer cellular technology, having been put in place much later than that in the US, is responsible for the astounding quality, coverage and service. Many nations who pioneered cell phone technology, the US as an example, are still using the older systems due to the initial, enormous costs required to make the first of it’s kind reality. One could argue that is now changing fast with the newer 4G LTE networks but for many years I could make calls in Kenya in much more wild and remote areas than you could even dream about in Montana.

Solar Power to the masses in Kenya,

Here in Kenya they’re in the process of doing it again. Only 11% of the homes here have electricity and though this may seem primitive, Kenya is actually on the precipice of being the worlds leader in showing others how sustainable, renewable energy can be implemented. I recently became aware of a very informative and inspiring articel written by ELISABETH ROSENTHAL of the In the story she chronicles how Kenya’s insatiable appetite to stay connected by cell phones has driven a sustainable, solar technology market that is taking the Kenyan wildlands by storm. I won’t rewrite what Ms. Rosenthal has so eloquently documented. Instead you can read for yourself how the primitive ways of a much poorer nation are setting the standards for leaping frogging the rest of the world’s so called industrialized economies. Potentially passing over the majority of the world’s fossil fuel economy’s  like those in North American.  Click the photo above will read a tale of hope and inspiration.

Once we leave the city our first stop will be Amboseli National Park and the rest of the trip will be spent documenting the varied creatures of the Masa Mara Game Reserve . This is our fifth season of taking photo enthusiasts to Kenya to share this countries magnificent beauty and spectacular wildlife and  most everyone on this trip have never been to any part of Africa. That’s alway’s a bonus since seeing someone’s excitement for the first time is inspiring in itself. Tomarrow however we spend the day at the David Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary as well as the Giraffe Manor


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