Johnson Gold Mine Road-Add Your Voice!

Posted Jun. 18th, 2024 (4 weeks ago) by Daniel J. Cox

So… it’s happening! The Johnsom Gold Mine is on its way to becoming a reality. A mine and all that goes with it smack dab in the middle of some of the world’s most beautiful and productive wilderness in Lake Clark National Park. If you didn’t see my original blog post on this subject, you can read it at Brown Bear Photography in Peril – Lake Clark National Park’s Coastal Management Plan.

It obviously didn’t do the intended job of shutting down the mine. That being the case, we will follow through with Part Two. The Park service has opened a public opinion survey on the road placement that will be used to haul out the ore. The road will dead end at a humongous dock where ships will be waiting to haul the ore to market.

What you can do

There’s no stopping the mine at this point, so the best we can do is voice our preference for where the road will go. Ideally, the best road option, in my opinion, is down to the Tuxedni Channel. There are many good reasons for this route, but the most important is that the infrastructure won’t be visible from the beach at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. The other option is to place the dock just down the beach, which would look horrible from a visitor’s perspective at Silver Salmon.

Write the National Park Service

We don’t have much time to fill out the Public Comment Form. You can find that form here at Conveyance of Easements for a Transportation Corridor and Port Site. Make sure you mention you would prefer the mine not go through, but if it does, the best place for the port would be the Tuxedni Channel. We only have 14 days to get this done. The Public comment period is from June 10 through June 24, 2024, at 11:59 MT. Please add your voice TODAY!

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