Jaguars & Other Wildlife of the Pantanal

Posted Sep. 23rd, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Tanya and I just recently left the wilds of the Pantanal region in Brazil. It was our 2013 Jaguar Invitational Photo Tour, a place that is fast becoming one of our favorite destinations we visit throughout the world. We had another great season of jaguar viewing, with over 21 sightings of wild and free-roaming Jaguars. All sightings gave us at least some photo opportunities, and several gave us as many as three hours of quality photographic time.


Along with the jaguars we photographed lots of birds, giant river otters, a few frogs, and the beautiful landscapes of the Pantanal wetlands. I shot over 10,000 images myself and I know several of our Explorers did similar numbers. It was a great time and another we plan to repeat next year. Above is a short slideshow video of some of my favorite images and Explorers having a great time. You can also visit the Explorers page of our website to see more images from me and other Explorers that were on the trip.

See what the ladies on our Facbook page are taking photos of

Explorers Photos from the Pantanal 2013

Fun photos of our Explorers in the field on Facebook

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