Is your Sunscreen Poisioning You?

Posted Aug. 11th, 2013 by Tanya Cox

I recently watched an interesting episode on Dr. OZ about suncreen products. Very interesting how the chemicals in sunscreens have changed over the last years.

In the past, zinc and titanium were the primary ingredients in sunscreen. It covered the top of the skin and protect from the surface. People did not like the look of it (pasty white lotion) so they changed the components so it was more translucent and easy to rub into the skin.

Oxybenzone is now used in many sunscreens because it absorbs better into the skin. However, it goes deep into the skin through all the layers into your organs which may cause toxicity in the body and disrupt hormones.

We all wear sunscreen and should be aware of the changes. Personally I believe, little by little, adding more chemicals to the body cannot be a good thing. Thought I would share it with you, its worth knowing about!

Dr. Oz Sunscreen Concerns

The Trouble with Sunscreen Chemicals

Environmental Working Group suggested list of suncreens with Zinc and Titanium


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