Introducing Aperture Applets~Tips and Tricks for Aperture Workflow

Posted May. 13th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox


Photo of the early promotional image for Aperture 1.0

Apple revolutionizes digital photography workflow with the release of Aperture 1.0

One of the most difficult aspects of the digital photography workflow is finding software that helps us process thousands and thousands of captured images. Back in the mid 90’s when the internet came alive and gave us the opportunity to present our images like never before, I was introduced to Photoshop. And from day one I’ve had a love/hate relationship with a program that is not only exceptionally expensive but equally as bloated. Time passed and in October of 2005 Apple did the photography world a huge favor and introduced Aperture. I had always wondered why there wasn’t a better way for photographers that had no interest in creating photos in a computer. Why those if us who wanted only to tweak our images, fine tuning the essentials such as exposure, white balance, removing dust, correcting a horizon line etc. were forced to buy a program that should have been called DesignerShop rather than Photoshop. Why was there not something better? Aperture was invented and we were given the answer.

Amazingly, once Aperture was released, Adobe sees the light (no pun intended) and brings us Lightroom. Geez…. how did that happen so fast? Pretty suspicious that all those years we were forced to pay north of $700.00, plus expensive upgrades and when the competition brings us a new, much cheaper way of working with our images, Adobe all of a sudden has something similar. Whatever the reason we now have two exceptionally powerful ways to work with our photography outside of Photoshop and beside Photoshop if needed.

So with that bit of history behind us I want to introduce you to what I’m calling Aperture Applets. Aperture Applets will be an ongoing section of my Blog that I’ll be dedicating to tips, tricks, suggestions, ideas etc. that relate to the workflow of Apple’s revolutionary photographic software, Aperture. I realize that many of you are using either Photoshop or Lightroom but many more are seeing the advantages that Apple’s Aperture offers. In fact I too was using Lightroom for many years. Part of the history I left out above was the fact that I was not happy with the initial release of Aperture. It was buggy and was missing a number of necessary items needed for quality digital workflow. So for several years I moved over to Lightroom . However, with the release of Aperture 3 and it’s ability to work seamlessly with video, I was once again back in the Aperture camp. For those of you interested in finding out more about some of the tools I’m using to keep up to speed with Aperture you can see my earlier post that highlights other blogs and the Aperture book. In the future, all things Aperture  on out Corkboard/Blog, will be under the heading of Aperture Applets. You can select the Aperture Applets category to see all things Aperture when you want to quickly eliminate other posts.

I hope you enjoy and find useful the information I’ll be providing. Please do me a favor and feel free to respond via the blog. I’m open to all your suggestions, questions or anything else that revolves around Aperture and photography.  Be well and welcome to Aperture Applets.





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