Indiegogo Multi Path Router KickStarter Project: Technology For a Better Planet

Posted Oct. 14th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

I’m a firm believer in technology and the power it has to make our world a better place. This little video I ran into highlights a new product that promises to harness the power of the Internet by bringing together our numerous Internet devices, making them like one for a faster, more powerful connection experience.  Indiegogo advertises the benefits will be better, clearer Skype calls, faster downloads of HD movies from Netflix, the ability to combine your Internet connection with your neighbors to get a huge boost in Internet speed for both of you. The video and web page promise some amazing things and in my mind it all falls under the heading of Faster, Smaller, Cheaper, Better.


Right off the top  this product may not seem to connect the dots for producing a cleaner, healthier environment but I’m a firm believer that  it will be technology that  keep our planet habitable. The faster we can accesses information and INSPIRATION, the quicker we can make decisions about important issues facing our water, our air , our forests, our wildlands, our city parks and the future livability of planet earth for our children. I can count on one hand how many movies I’ve watched on a big screen TV so that’s not the benefit I’m excited about.

Visit PBI's Tundra Connection web site to see the amazing list of web casts  highlighting the arctic and the animals such as the polar bear that live there.

Visit PBI’s Tundra Connection web site to see the amazing list of web casts highlighting the arctic and the animals that call the Arctic home such as the polar bear..

No…. for me it will be the ability to get photos, video, scientific data and other information out to those who want to know. The ability to stream significant programing such as that Polar Bears International is doing right this very moment  from Tundra Connection on the shores of Hudson Bay. This is where technology can shine and I believe it will leave the world a better place. Check the folks out at Indiegogo. Help make the world a better place and at the same time be able to download inspiring programming such as the film below titled David Versus Monsanto. Read more about David Versus Monsanto in an earlier Blog post.

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  1. Portrait of Christine Crosby

    Christine CrosbyOn Oct. 14th, 2013

    Thanks for this Dan!! I definitely find myself more and more using these to share my voice regarding the impact and inspiration I have found photographing some amazing, beautiful and endangered animals and ecosystems (mostly shot with you!) in hopes that I may inspire others to get passionate about them too. My platform is small compared to many but the use of these tools really does help increase the scope and speed with which I can share!! I’m excited about what this may mean for the future! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Oct. 15th, 2013

      Christine, your words make me emotional. All my life I’ve believed that my work in the world of nature and the environment would have some impact on people to think about how we treat the planet and the animals we share it with. Up until the last five years my only avenue was the crowded world of publishing. Today, I feel our photo tours are as important as anything I did for National Geographic since we’re now able to have a direct connection with our guests who get a chance to experience the amazing magic of nature first hand. Admittedly, the audience (our individual guests) is much smaller than a huge magazine, but our Explorers (like yourself) come back enthused, inspired and ready to pass the message along. Thanks for your kind words and keep up your tremendous talents in the arts. Your work is just one cog in the wheel of the education process we can all be a part of for mother earth.

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