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Posted Jan. 19th, 2007 by Daniel J. Cox

Over the last couple months we have ordered ink and paper for our HP printers directly on the HP’s website. Not only was it very easy to do but the bonus “buy one get one free” paper,”buy one, get one 1/2 off” ink and then free next day shipping has been unbelievable.

Jill, my assistant, on two recent occasions had placed an online order for supplies on the HP website at about 3:00pm mountain time. Both times we received the product first thing the next morning by FedEx for FREE! I have NEVER received a product so fast! It is really a lifesaver when you live in a small town like we do and cannot always get supplies locally.

The quality of printers today, no doubt, have been a wonderful technology to have in our offices and homes. The biggest gripe I have heard however is talk about how the printer companies sell their printers for so cheap but “getcha when you have to buy the ink and paper.” HP has tackled this issue for its consumers—when was the last time you saw other printer companies give you free paper, 1/2 off your second ink, and FREE next day shipping? Another savings is if you shop at Staples; they will give you a $3 off each store purchase if you bring in your used HP cartridges (they won’t do this with all printer inks).

Oh, I forgot to mention, when we opened the box of ordered supplies from HP we received a “Thanks, come again” coupon for $10 off any purchase totalling $100 or more. You can also sign up for HP Rewards, a program created for more savings. Why wouldn’t you use HP?

Tanya Cox

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  1. Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

    danieljcoxOn Oct. 29th, 2007

    We’re currently using the Z3100, the BJ9180 and a Designjet 130. Most of our work is produced on the Z3100.

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