NE Explorer Jeanne Schnackenberg Uses Her Photography for a Good Cause

Posted Nov. 30th, 2013 by Tanya Cox


Jeanne photographing the racing dogs.

Explorer Jeanne Schnackenberg uses her photography to help gain sponsorship for the SP Kennel racing dogs. Sponsorship for these dogs is so popular that there is actually a wait list for becoming a sponsor! Read more about her experience with the dogs below.

Explorer Jeanne Schnackenberg

“Those of you that have met me know I have a true passion for animals. I live surrounded by 11 dogs, 6 are my recreational dog team of Alaskan Huskies, one Border Collie that I compete with in agility, two retired dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind and two retired sled dogs. Oh, and a husband that has a horse passion!


Four sled dog puppies mugging for the camera.

The last week of October I made what is becoming an annual trek up to Two Rivers, Alaska to photograph one of the premier sled dog racing kennels, SP Kennel.  I am proud to be a part of Aliy Zirkle’s and Allen Moore’s operation who’s motto is “Dogs First”.  They not only say it but they live it and it is evident in not only their kennel operation but their racing as well.

Portrait of a beautiful sled dog in need of a home.

Portrait of a beautiful sled dog.

My part is to take portraits of the racing dogs and up and coming puppies that will be the future of SP’s racing. This year that meant 49 racing dogs and 11 puppies. Mind you, these dogs are highly trained but the word “stay” is not one of the words they know. It was a super fun couple of days with people working it to get the dogs attention. The results can be seen online at the SP Kennel Dog Log Blog in the left hand column titled Racing Dogs and Puppies.

The skills I have learned traveling with Dan and Tanya are put to the test as I try and capture not only each dog but the personality of the individual. Photographing a running cheetah in Kenya is challenging but so is trying to capture an image of eleven puppies at one time!”

We commend Jeanne for taking her photography to another level. To learn more about sponsoring SP Kennel dogs, please visit the SP Kennel sponsor page.


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  1. Jennifer ThePetsOn May. 28th, 2020

    Wow! I admire you and your work. I wish you success in all your endeavors. You’re really great!

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