Get to Know and Use Your Histogra​​​m

Posted Apr. 30th, 2019 by Daniel J. Cox

Those of you who’ve traveled with us know I’m a big fan of the histogram. I especially love the fact my Lumix cameras allow me to see the histogram BEFORE I shoot. In the days of shooting film, it was impossible to know exactly what a perfect exposure was. It took many years of practice and lots of money for film and processing to get consistent at capturing that perfect exposure. No more. With digital, we now have the histogram.

Over the years I’ve tried explaining how you go about reading a histogram, and I’ve never felt I’ve done a good job. But a fellow photographer, Joe Fitzpatrick of Understand Photography, has just released the absolute best description of the histogram I’ve ever seen. Check out Joe’s video to gain a better understanding of how you can use the histogram for perfect exposures every time.

Understand Photography with Peggy Farren is a great online source for all things photography. Check them out, they both do a great job. On a side note, I did an interview with Peggy a couple of years ago that you can see below. Here’s a link to the oringal post on the Understand Photography website.

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  1. MistyOn Apr. 30th, 2019

    Thanks for sharing Dan. I will disagree that you don’t do a good job explaining histograms though. You taught me to use mine in Brazil and I’ve never looked back.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Apr. 30th, 2019

      Thanks, Misty. Very nice to hear your positive comments. I think I do alright explaining the histogram in person, but this little video does an amazing job getting it out to lots of people.

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