Gitzo Systematic Series 5 Carbon Tripod

Posted Mar. 24th, 2014 by Jill Mangum

Gitzo’s top-of-the-range Systematic tripods are modular, with a flat center disk that can be interchanged for center columns, leveling bases and other components. Because they have leg angle settings but no column as standard, Systematic tripods are all capable of near-ground level shooting. Leg tubes are in 6X carbon fiber with Gitzo’s efficient G-locks. The GT5542LS is a Gitzo Series 5 tripod designed for strength and torsional rigidity under extreme loads of up to 40kg (88lb) and with lenses up to 800mm. With its 4-section legs fully extended, it reaches eye level even without using a center column, yet it remains compact when folded.

Description from Gitzo