Full Frame Leica with Panasonic Technology

Posted Aug. 28th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Full Frame Leica with Panasonic Technology. There is another very interesting rumor floating around that suggests there are more surprises coming from the Panasonic/Leica relationship I recently wrote about. The rumor is that Leica is about to release an entirely new, designed from the ground up, full frame digital camera system that is built by Panasonic. It’s reported not to be a replacement to the Leica M240 but rather something completely new. New AF lenses, in-body stabilization, electronic shutter and built-in high res EVF.

Mirrorless Rumors reports a new full frame camera coming from Leica that is built by Panasonic. Sounds very interesting.

None of this would surprise me. I’ve been thinking lately about how amazing the Lumix line of cameras are and how Panasonic’s success may eventually take them to other formats. I’m not by any means ready to switch the MFT system out for a full frame one since I have no interest in carrying those monster lenses that a full frame system demands. But there are always going to be some folks who want the bigger sensor, and with the quality Lumix is putting out, I could certainly see them making them by way of Leica first and who knows, maybe eventually the Lumix line.

This is really interesting news since Nikon and Canon apparently have refused to see the benefits of the mirrorless technology and seem to be doing nothing. My goodness if Panasonic starts making a push directly at the heart of the full frame camera industry, this could get really interesting. We’ll have to wait and see but supposedly not too long since this new system is supposed to be announced at PhotoPlus in New York THIS October. Crazy fun news.

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