Fred Kurtz and People Photography

Posted May. 22nd, 2018 by Jill Mangum

People Photography: The Story Behind the Photograph

In 2007, Explorer Fred Kurtz joined Dan and the Mentor Series in Norway on his very first photography trip. During the trip, he received an assignment to step out of his comfort zone in the realm of people photography. And so began his vast photographic collection encompassing an assortment of personalities and memorable moments from around the world.

Fred’s passion for people photography is evident in his work. Snippets of human life and emotion—love, friendship, happiness, humor, beauty—from those we pass on the street every day are captured in fleeting moments of time.

He has put together a beautiful presentation featuring his 25 all-time favorite people photographs along with a personal narrative from each encounter. The images tell their own stories, but in many instances they don’t quite tell the whole tale 🙂 Click on the link below to view his 25 favorite images and be sure to read the “story behind the photograph.”

People Photography: The Story Behind the Photograph
by Fred Kurtz

P.S. If you have slower Internet this may take a moment to load, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

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