Flickr Feels the Internet Heat Stops Selling Creative Commons Prints

Posted Dec. 20th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Flickr feels the Internet heat stops selling Creative Commons prints. Flickr does what’s fair and right by removing all Creative Commons photos from their wall art sales program. In case you missed the commotion, read the Wall Street Journal original report from almost three weeks ago about Flickr’s new program to sell wall art from photographer’s images on the Flickr website. Those who did not release their rights to their photographs by signing the Creative Commons agreement would get a percentage of the print sale. Those who did sign the Creative Commons agreement got nothing. Flickr kept all monies made from the photographer’s images. I wrote about this blatant rip off and we had a fair amount of comments go through this Blog from our readers. I doubt it was this Blog that made Flickr rethink their shady tactics but obviously there was enough heat from across the Internet to make them change their program. They’re now just selling prints that their photographers have agreed to let them sell.

Cnet reports Flickr and Yahoo have caved on selling Creative Commons photos as prints.

Cnet reports Flickr and Yahoo have caved on selling Creative Commons photos as prints.

Overall this was a great lesson for all photographers including the part time shooters who includes grannies, plumbers, doctors, teachers, and baby boomers of all kinds. The takeaway from this is photographs are worth money, Flickr proved that beyond a doubt. I tell my students regularly that anybody can give their work away. Take pride in your work and figure out what is a fair and reasonable price and then ask to get paid for it. If it’s good, you’ll be rewarded. For goodness sakes, a trip to Africa is expensive, maybe ten grand or more. So are the cameras you take with you. On top of that we have the muti-thousand dollar computers we use to process our images and then there is the hard drives and other incidentals. You get the point.  Hip hip hooray for the power of the Internet to drive this point home with Flickr and Yahoo.

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