Firmware Updates for Lumix and Olympus

Posted Jun. 11th, 2021 by Daniel J. Cox

There are new firmware updates for Lumix an Olympus cameras. For Lumix the updates are for the GH5S, G9, and G100 cameras. For Olympus the firmware updates are for the E-M5 Marklll and the E-M1 Markll.

Lumix firmware update for G9

I installed the firmware update for the Lumix G9 and it worked without hitch. I’m reading reports across the Internet that the G9’s auto focus capabilities have been improved dramatically with his new firmware update. I guess we’ll see. Either way I’m excited that both companies are releasing new firmware updates to keep our cameras current and working smoothly.

Download Firmware here:
Lumix Cameras
Olympus Cameras

Be sure to follow instructions to the letter including making certain you have a fully charged battery. Here are the instructions I give for Lumix creamers.

1). First step is to download firmware Zip file. Click on zip and it open to show a .bin file
2). Format SD card in camera.
3). Copy the .bin file over to the SD card from the compute.
4). Make sure you have a full charged battery in camera.
5). Shut camera off before inserting SD card into camera after copying .bin to SD Card.
6). Once SD card is inserted you can turn camera on.
7). Push the Photo Play button. The same one you use to review a photo. By doing this the camera should see the .bin file on the card and give you a message to start the updating process. Select YES

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  1. Chris F.On Sep. 17th, 2021

    How cool is it that this “old camera” in technology years continues to stay updated? I’ll tell you, my natural inclination to buy new equipment over the years has not swayed me from staying with the G9. I still think it’s the best darn camera for balance of size, weight, quality and capabilities of anything out there. This newest firmware nails it for me, and has renewed my faith to stay with this fine piece of equipment. Of course, having accumulated a nice array of lenses helps to keep me planted with Lumix, too.
    Dan, I know you still seem to hold a gentle grudge with Panasonic over the falling out several years ago. But interestingly, when I was looking to move away from Nikon about 5 years ago, I stumbled on your site, and it was here that I was “introduced” to the G9, and I’ve never looked back.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Sep. 18th, 2021

      Chris thanks for stopping by to join the conversation. I agree with your assessment of the benefits of the Lumix system. Regarding my “gentle grudge”. I would liken it more to disappointment that Panasonic could not bring themselves to see the major issue they had, lack of quality auto focus, and fix it. Lumix had a good five-year window before Canon woke up. I knew Cannon would eventually see the light. That’s all come to fruition and Lumix still has not fixed their autofocus issues to compete with the big boys. Had they solve these problems during the years that Canon was asleep the serious players might look substantially different.

  2. Joe DotsonOn Jun. 24th, 2021

    Dan, I have not had a chance to update my G9’s. Have you updated yours and if so, any results from the field?

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jun. 25th, 2021

      I have updated my G9’s to the newest firmware. However, I’ve not had a chance to test them. We shall see.

  3. Jerry HallOn Jun. 15th, 2021

    Went out to the pond this morning, not much happening but got some shots. My first impression of G9 firmware update was very good. When I set focus single area options showed for human, human/animal detect or none. I picked human/animal. Acquisition, focus and tracking seemed much improved (influenced no doubt by my high hopes).
    Using back button focus and AFC the green box acquired, focused and tracked well, and in a more confident way. The orange box occasionally appeared indicating animal acquisition.

    Back at the iMac reality hit in. A white egret BIF burst below at 800mm shows focus in and out. A paddling duck burst shows loss of focus after the sharp first shot.

    I do believe it is a big improvement. Much easier than single point focus and better acquisition and tracking than the old single area. I took a burst of 3 of some human walkers at 800mm and the middle shot was perfect focus, its companion shots were soft. So a bit of hunting going on?

    I used back button focus pressed all the time. I have read I need to just do an initial focus and let the camera take it from there. Also try with and without AFC, I am impressed with the upgrade, and have optimism once I understand the best process to use.

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