Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Posted Jul. 1st, 2022 by Daniel J. Cox

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras and, in particular, the new OM-1 firmware version 1.2 is now available. Below is a screenshot of the benefits of the new 1.2 version firmware.

Firmware Update for Olympus OM System Cameras

Firmware Update Process for Mac M1 Machines

Olympus/OM Digital Solutions has what seems like a fairly well-detailed page explaining the update process for the new Apple Silicon M1 machines. But once you start the process you realize the directions are missing a very important detail.

In the first step 1-2 it tells you to “Press and hold the Start Up button to start it up (turn on the power).” So it sounds like it’s simply telling you to restart your Mac. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. To get to the proper screen you have to shut your Mac down. Once it’s off you HOLD the power button for an EXTENDED period of time – long enough for the Mac to go into a special startup mode that allows you to make security setting changes.

Nowhere on the OM Digital Solutions page is the update process for the new Apple Silicon M1 machines. But once you start the process, you realize the directions are missing a very important detail. I had to call Apple to understand this better and thankfully, Apple knew it required we had to HOLD the Start button down to get into this mode.

Please OM Digital Solutions, change the wording in this document Q&A for Mac(Apple M1) to explain the need to HOLD the start button for 10 seconds. Below are the specific steps I went through to get my Mac Silicon M1-based Mac set up to see the OM Digital Solutions update.

Steps to updating Silicon M1 Mac

Shut Mac down. Restart by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. The system will reboot into System Recovery mode. Select the Options icon.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

This takes you into System Recovery. You’ll get a screen asking for your language which you choose if it’s not already what you want.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Click the arrow in the lower right side of the screen to move forward. The next screen you’ll get is the Mac Recovery OS screen which has a number of options in the popup window. But you need to go up to the top of the screen and select Start Security Utility.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Click the Startup Security Utility option which will take you to the next window.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Select the hard drive and then click the box Security Policy in the bottom right of the popup window. This takes you to the next screen which is Security Policy for Macintosh HD.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Make sure you check the options exactly as shown in the screenshot above, then click OK. You should be done with this part. Now go back up to the left corner and click restart. You will be taken back to a normal startup mode for your mac.

OM Digital Solutions Instructions

The rest of the instructions that are given by OM Digital Solutions are accurate and easy to follow. It was the first part of their instructions that were poorly explained. Once you fix the security changes in System Recovery Mode you’ll be able to follow the rest of these instructions from OM Digital Solutions.

Enable camera drivers in Security & Privacy
Open the Security & Privacy window after rebooting the computer. In General, set the following:

Under Allow apps downloaded from, click App Store and identified developers.
Click Allow next to System software from developer “OM Digital Solutions Corporation” was blocked from loading.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

Click Restart

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

The Mac (computer) restarts after the message “Rebuilding system extension cache” is displayed.
Camera drivers are enabled after restarting the Mac. The camera update function for OM Workspace is available.

Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

The final piece of this puzzle was to Uninstall Workspace and then reinstall it. After all this, I was finally able to update the firmware on all three of my OM-1 cameras. Would be nice if it was easier.

Intel Based Macs

For Intel-based Macs, the process is the same only you have to hold down Command+R to get into the Mac Recovery Mode. Then just follow the same instructions as I outlined for the Silicon-based Macs.

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  1. AmalOn Jun. 4th, 2023 (9 months ago)

    The information on this thread is very useful. I tried following what was on the OM systems website and it had no relationship to what I was seeing on the screen. While I did what was described above (it still didn’t work), I also installed the latest update of OM Workspace which was 2.1.1. I was using 2.0. In the process of installing 2.1.1 I had to enter the serial number of the camera. The combination of all of this resulted in success. I have now updated to version 1.5 firmware. Thanks very much for this forum. It seems OM Systems needs a serious update – and a wake up!

  2. Joe DotsonOn Jul. 13th, 2022


    Just updated both of my OM-1’s. Used Workspace. Updated workspace before I started.

    Worked just fine. I am using Windows Machine with an 11th Gen i7 processor(if that matters).

    My experience was similar to Freddy’s, but with a Windows machine.

    Now, will try the big upload with an OMD-EM1X…

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 13th, 2022

      Thanks for the update Joe. Glad to hear it worked well. Stay in touch.

  3. Laurent MartresOn Jul. 7th, 2022

    Thanks for this post. I hope OM Systems Support read it because I had a long battle with them over the last two weeks and they stuck to their solution that doesn’t work with Apple Silicon. I ended up having to do the update on an old laptop.

    It would be great if you could let them know this technique so they stop giving incorrect information. They made a terrible impression on me and I was considering returning the OM-1.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 7th, 2022

      Good to hear I could help Laurent. I’ll pass this on to OM Solutions.

  4. Portrait of Jay Murthy

    jayOn Jul. 6th, 2022

    Dan, I went in with apprehension after reading the blog post to update the firmware. I had your very thorough instructions printed out, in the event i got into a bad situation. I am on a M1 macbook with no prior installations of OM workspace. Thankfully the experience was smooth and flawless as explained on their website. wanted to add my experience and the my hardware specs, just in case it might help someone else. After having used DXO photolab, i have not been using OM workspace.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 6th, 2022

      Thanks for the heads up Jay. I’m starting to think had I updated OM Workspace with the newest version right from the start things may not have been so difficult. Glad to have your input.

  5. Portrait of Joe Dotson

    The Man DotsonOn Jul. 3rd, 2022

    So, someone share what is happening with the new update? How has it improved the camera?

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 4th, 2022

      Joe, The information from OM Solutions says improved AF-C. I haven’t tested it yet but I’m hoping to in a week or so. Will let you know how it goes.

  6. John M SullyOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

    Once you are up to version 1.1 of the firmware you can update using the OI.Share app via WiFi. This works for both the OM-1 and the E-M1 III.

  7. John M SullyOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

    It’s easy peasy on Windows machines… 🙂

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

      Is that Windows machine running an M1 processor? There are always hiccups with new tech but the time I save with this new Mac M1 is staggering. Not to mention had OM Solutions written the directions up better there would have been no issues. Just sayin John.

  8. MarkOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

    I read somewhere about removing the older workspace first…replaced it with the current version and everything went fine. I did have to unblock the app from the security settings but that was all that was involved. I’m thrilled with this camera. I’m not sure at this point how much more I would ever need, but maybe I can wear it out and get something else down the road:)

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

      That might be the key Mark. I ended up removing the old Workspace later in the process. Would be nice if OM Solutions would add this info to the How To web page. Thanks for your input.

  9. Portrait of Fred Kurtz

    Fred KurtzOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

    Holy smokes Dan. I had to do none of that with my pair of OM1’s and my new MacBook Pro M1. Updating the firmware, which I have done twice now, could not have been easier. I did have to update the Olympus Workspace software the first time. You simply plug the camera in to the USB port, select Camera in workspace, turn the OM1 on and select storage and follow the instructions in Workspace which says wait until you see “OK” on your camera screen then turn the camera off and on and click two boxes in Workspace and you are done.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 2nd, 2022

      Glad it worked so easily for you Freddy. Want that simple for me and many others. Who knows why for some it’s easy and for others not so much. In the end all three of my OM-1s are now up to date.

  10. Rick PophamOn Jul. 1st, 2022

    I never liked Olympus’s update process. Looks like OMDS isn’t any better. I don’t have an OM-1 yet, but I wonder if the process will be as convoluted on Windows.

    With Nikon, you could just download the update, write it to a card and run it offline. Of course, now you have to update firmware in the lenses as well, so I guess some sort of app is necessary.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 1st, 2022

      I actually found the Olympus Workspace system to work very, very well until I upgraded my computer to the new Macbook Pro M1. I had been using Lumix and Nikon for years that have the system you described where the downloaded file is saved to an SD card. That worked fairly easily with Nikon. Lumix was always a struggle. When I switched to Olympus and started using Workspace it was certainly different and I wasn’t sure I would like it. I had heard lots of negative comments about it but once I went through the process I was very pleased with its ease of use and lots of info on what it was doing. I actually really like it. Thanks for joining the conversation, Rick.

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