Easy-to-use Design Software For Your Photography

Posted Jun. 26th, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

Design Software For Your Photography

Finding easy-to-use design software for your photography is always a challenge. One of our favorite NE Explorers, An Vo, recently inspired me to start researching more software programs that help add design elements to your pictures. Keep in mind when I say design elements, I’m not talking about adding “things” other than text, frames, etc. or introducing items to your pictures that weren’t there in the first place/taking things out that were. I’m referring to design elements to make your pictures more current and attributed to you and where you are. Freddy Kurtz, another Explorer, also asked about the special framing I add to my Facebook posts, so I thought this might be a great time to offer some suggestions.

Design Software For Your Photography

A beautiful postcard presentation with two of An’s photos from her first night on our France Photo Tour.

BeFunky and Professional at the Same Time

I first became aware of a program called BeFunky by way of my friends at Mylio. Befunky is available on the desktop as well as mobile devices, and it’s broken down into three distinct sections: Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer. You can do all the crazy things we’ve seen the kids doing to their photos, like adding hair, glasses, mustaches, etc.—not my cup of tea. But you can also do serious design work that even I sometimes might like to do. Something like An did in the image above, where she didn’t manipulate the photos, but she did add a postcard feel as a design element. I’m starting to use BeFunky to create a collage of our NE Explorers in the field during out Invitational Photo Tours. Below is one example of how Befunky can easily create a collage of your pictures.

This is just one example of a huge number of templates that are available in BeFunky. This is a great way to protect my images and include more of them for people to enjoy. All photos © 2017 Daniel J. Cox

Pixelmator is Easy to Use and Super Powerful

The program I use for designing my Facebook posts is called Pixelmator. Pixelmator is a Photoshop-like program that I use specifically for design work, not changing what is, or is not, in the image. I simply use it to add a frame and branding to the images I share. The main reason I add this border to what I call my “valuable” photos on Facebook is directly related to the Facebook Terms of Service that stipulate FB owns my work, and your work too if you’re posting anything to their site. With that in mind, I brand my pictures so if they ever use them, I at least get some reward for people knowing exactly who shot the photograph.  I’ve had some FB readers complain my photos look “too professional.” But I say, “Hey, thanks for the compliment, they’re supposed to look professional. That’s what I do.”

Design Software For Your Photography

This is a screenshot of the Pixelmator program layout that I worked on for one of my Facebook posts from France.


On a side but related note, I’ve always felt the world would be much more trusting in photography if Photoshop had been named Designershop from the very start. How different the photography world might be had Adobe not directly associated pictures and manipulation. Ok, I’m climbing down from my soapbox.

Design Software For Your Photography

Workspace of Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo for Apple’s New iPad Pro

Another program that’s getting rave reviews is called Affinity Photo. Once again, another Photoshop-like app that I’m told is very easy to use. I’ve not tried it yet, but I’ve seen web pages highlighting Affinity’s ease of use on the Apple’s new iPad Pro.  It looks quite interesting.

Other Mobile Apps on the Mylio True Stories Blog

There are other programs that can offer interesting design options that are simple to use, and the folks at Mylio have highlighted several on their blog. You can access that blog post at 24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of. So that’s it for now. If you’ve tried any of these tools let us all now in the comments below how you like them.


I recently became aware of another very interesting option called Design Wizard. It’s web based and a subscription model but they do have a FREE version for those not needing everything they offer. It looks very interesting with 20,000 design templates, 10,000 of the FREE.

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