E-M1 Mark lll Astro

Posted Jul. 2nd, 2024 (2 weeks ago) by Daniel J. Cox

OM System just announced the E-M1 Mark lll Astro camera in Japan. From what I’ve heard this camera is only available in Japan for now. But if it takes off, who knows? I don’t shoot a lot of Astrophotography but I know many that do.

OM System E-M1 Mark lll Astro

My reason for writing this blog is mainly to encourage OM System for its commitment to niche markets. I’ve been hopeful that OM System would figure out and go after some of these smaller groups of photographers. Markets the other big three, Sony, Canon, and Nikon don’t feel are large enough and worth pursuing.

OM System has carved out a couple of other markets that prove their commitment to doing things on a smaller scale. Like the 150-400mm for wildlife and nature photographers. Also the 90mm Macro for the macro shooters. And that’s good for all of us. One of my hopes with Olympus selling their camera division was a more nimble and responsive company which OM System is proving to be.

For more information on the E-M1 Mark lll Astro head over to 43 Rumors. Andrea does a great job getting all the details nailed down on this and other Micro Four Thirds news.

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