DPReview Awards Lumix G7 Hybrid Camera of 2015

Posted Oct. 8th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

DPReview Awards Lumix G7 Hybrid Camera of 2015. Panasonic Lumix is finally getting noticed. Not long ago Lumix released their G7 hybrid camera. Hybrid meaning it shoots great stills AND equally great video. Many photographers are finally coming to realize Lumix is no one-trick pony. I’ve been shooting Lumix now for over five years and though video has become ever more important to my work, I’m still mostly a “stills” shooter. Congratulations to the Panasonic Lumix team for being recognized as the 2015 DPReview Awards 2015 Consumer Stills/Video Camera of the Year.


Panoramic image shot with Lumix G7 and produced in-camera via Panoramic Mode.

Above is a fabulous panorama image I shot with the Lumix G7. This is not a normal image that was cropped. It was actually shot and stitched in camera.  This is just one of many tricks this super lightweight camera has in its bag of tricks.

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