Doug Bray Asks is DxO Mark the software for noise removal?

Posted Feb. 4th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Hi Dan,

Since 4/3 sensors tend to have noise issues at high ISOs, have you had any experience with DxO Mark Optics Pro software which is supposed to be very good at post processing noise reduction? Is it any better than Aperture and/or Lightroom?

I am thinking about getting the DxO Mark software for the noise reduction and other features.


Doug, I have used DxO Mark Optics Pro and though I would love to say it’s the answer to all noise issues, I haven’t found that to be the case. In the spirit of complete transparency, I was given a license to the DxO Mark software. I think it does an admirable job and most definitely better than my favorite program, Aperture.

Click on the above image to be taken to the DxO Mark Optics Pro web page for a Free Trial version.

Click on the above image to be taken to the DxO Mark Optics Pro web page for a Free Trial version.

But is it better than others out there? So far I can’t say that it is. I typically try a couple of different programs including Lightroom, Google’s Nik Dfine and DxO Mark when I have a serious noise issue. The biggest drawback to DxO Mark is it’s clumsiness in getting the final image back in to my Aperture library. Nik drops the processed image in effortlessly. DxO Mark can do it but it takes several more clicks and concentration of exactly where you want it to go. Nik Dfine is as simple as closing the image and it’s in your Aperture or Lightroom library or catalog.

That said, the folks at Panasoinc love it and they were helpful in getting a copy for me to try. If you do decide to give it a try, please stop back and let me know your thoughts on how well it works for you. Thanks for the question.


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  1. Doug BrayOn Feb. 4th, 2015


    Thank you for taking time out of you busy Photo Tour schedule for such a detailed response to my question. I hope the Africa Photo Tour has gone well. Debra and I enjoyed the 2011 tour.

    I think I will try the DxO Mark, I will let you know my thoughts.


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