Delta Service I could have never imagined.

Posted Nov. 16th, 2015 by Daniel J. Cox

Ok, I’m still virtually in shock. I just landed in Salt Lake City coming from the DFW PhotoExpo in Dallas via Delta airlines. Our plane was late coming in to Salt Lake. As I exited the plane, there, on the gang way was a very nice lady dressed in a long, Delta blue trench coat, with an iPad showing Daniel J. Cox.

Delta employee extraordinaire Deborah Pratt behind the wheel of a fabulously gorgeous Porsche driving me to my gate so I don't miss my flight to Bozeman.

Delta employee extraordinaire Deborah Pratt behind the wheel of a fabulously gorgeous Porsche driving me to my gate so I don’t miss my flight to Bozeman.

She asked,  “Mr. Cox?” which I replied, “yes ma’am” and she said, “follow me. I’m here to drive you to your flight to Bozeman.  You’re very late and we can make better time with me driving you across the airport on the tarmac.” What?? are you kidding I’m thinking to myself. No, I actually said the out loud to her and she said, “no, I’m not kidding. I have a car down here at the bottom of the gate. Lets go”. I reply, “Ok, I’m with you, ” We get to the bottom of the gang way and I see a gorgeous Porsche, I get in and realize rather quickly this is the most beautiful car I’ve ever set my back side in.

Here's my proof I want' dreaming. Delta chauffeur Deborah Pratt stands beside one of the most beautiful cars I've ever ridden in, a gorgeous Porsche.

Here’s my proof I want’ dreaming. Delta chauffeur Deborah Pratt stands beside one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever ridden in, a gorgeous Porsche.

This wonderful Delta agent introduces herself as Deborah Pratt at which point I ask her, “do you know who I am? I don’t deserve this. You must have me confused with somebody else”. She says, “no, you’re one of our Million Milers and we need to get you to your plane”, I’m paraphrasing here, I was so completely surprised I’m not really sure exactly what I said.

I gathered my wits as we drove behind one Airbus A320 after another, slipping silently across the airport concrete that the Porsche made feel like cotton. Wits gathered, I asked her if I could shoot some pictures of her driving as well as when we stopped. I informed her as a journalist I would be reporting this to my readers via my Blog. She thought that was pretty cool. I explained I needed proof this all happened and I would need a photo of her and her amazing car. She agreed and as we pulled up to my gate, from the outsdie of the airport looking in, I shot a couple of pictures with my iPhone of this wonderful lady doing an amazing favor for one of their customers. I’m still stunned even as I write this.

I’ve mentioned more than once to many of my friends and business colleagues that Delta has been our number one airline due to the phenominal service they’ve been providing over the past few years. I’ve said things like, ” Tanya and I really like Delta due to the many little things they do for their frequent fliers.” Well today, they just upped their game, AGAIN. Thank you Delta and thank you Deborah Pratt for being a part of an amazing team. Keep up the great work. I’ve never experienced anything so unexpected in all my years of being in business.


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  1. Michelle DugganOn Nov. 19th, 2015

    Way to go Delta!! Good job, good job! Other than Delta, “who does that!?” Just saying!

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Nov. 19th, 2015

      “Just saying” I know you could add more to the story Mish Mash:)

  2. Doug BrayOn Nov. 18th, 2015

    Hi Dan,

    I bet the seats in the Porsche Panamera were better than those on the Airbus. I recently had a Panamera Turbo as a loaner while one of our cars was in for service. It is indeed a great car.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Tanya, hopefully meeting Jill in Bozeman, for the Yellowstone trip. I hope you can arrange for similar transfer services for us when we fly through Salt Lake.


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