Delta Pet Trackers Ease Minds

Posted Jun. 22nd, 2015 by Tanya Cox

Delta passengers can now monitor their pets in real time.

Delta passengers can now monitor their pets in real time. Photo: Gietje~commonswiki via Public Domain

Do you love traveling with your dog, but are worried about the conditions in the airport or the belly of the airplane? Delta pet trackers ease the minds of people flying with their best (canine) friend.

On April 1, Delta Airlines started issuing GPS Pet Trackers to passengers flying with their pups. The trackers monitor the temperature around your pet, and whether your buddy is upright or on its side.

According to – if the temperature rises about 85-degrees, an alert will be sent to Delta’s call center. Passengers can check on their pet’s stats via a website. If you have a kitten traveling make sure to check out some different food that are good choices for a kitten. The downside is that the monitor only sends alerts before and after flights because restrictions on cellular communications prevent it from sending notices while airborne. But, most pet accidents and deaths occur at the airport, not in the air. Some airlines allow you to travel with your cat as carry on, if you are keen on keeping your cat comfortable this is the best option available. Cats are particularly affected emotionally by being in the belly of a plane.

The gadget is $50 per flight and is available from 10 airports.

According to Bloomberg, “The number of animals that die while in an airline’s care has been dropping in recent years.”

Bloomberg reported that, “Delta has had the most animal deaths among U.S. carriers in the past five years, with 51, though it has had only 6 since 2013, Transportation Department data show. In 2014, U.S. airlines reported 17 animal deaths, including some that were out of the airline’s control. That’s down from 39 in 2010.”

United Continental Holdings Inc. said it’s also testing a pet-tracking device.  However, the Humane Society of the United States urges people not to ship their pets by air “unless absolutely necessary.”

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  1. CaitlinOn Jun. 6th, 2019

    I would never think about flying with my dog but it seems a great idea to help save pets lives!

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