David Versus Monsanto ~ Genetically Modified Food Fight!

Posted May. 25th, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Several years ago my wife Tanya and I were living in a fairly remote location and had virtually no TV. We loved it and even now we watch very little. The one channel we did have that we fell in love with was The Documentary Channel. The most memorable TV show I can ever recall watching was a documentary film titled David Versus Monsanto. Monsanto is famous for scientifically creating, in the lab, what are known as genetically modified foods (GMO’s). According to Monsanto, GMO’s, produce better crops for farmers to grow and for us to eat. I’ve talked to many people about this film that documents the legal fight a 70+ year old farmer from Canada was having with Monsanto. In a nutshell, the story tells how this farmer was fighting to keep genetically modified seeds (GMO’s) from other farmer’s nearby fields from mixing with his natural seed crops. Stopping the mixing of GMO’s and natural seeds is impossible since mother nature has been blowing seeds and pollen around since the beginning of time. Because of this, Monsanto found some of their genetically modified crops in this farmer’s field and they sued him for not paying the royalty fees required for Monsanto seeds which he didn’t want to begin with.

This is an absolutely incredible documentary that you can’t hardly believe is true, yet, Monsanto is making headway in forcing all farmers to use their genetically modified crops which the farmers have to pay considerably more money for. Proof of this accusation comes in the form of a law that was passed last March known as the Monsanto Protection Act. This bill got rammed through the political system without many people being aware and there is now a movement to repeal this ridiculous law. Before you take my word, do yourself a favor and watch David Versus Monsanto. Then take a look at this petition you can sign to add support to Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.

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  1. ulrich rothOn Jul. 13th, 2014

    I have watched the video “Food Inc” a dozen times properly and I am so disgusted that we have such a corrupt legal system all the way to the Supreme court plus dirty Public Official’s who accept dirty money from a controlling Company like “Monsanto” !Ruthless People who have NO Respect from honest hard working Folks who feed us with there Product like Wheat,Corn,Soybean,Granola……etc. I hope that there is a global public awakening , to stop and destroy this Mafia like Monsanto Corporation which has no international proof of safe Seed’s product’s ! To all Farmers,stand up get smart and jointly fight this monster Monsanto! Thank’s to all of you Farmers who put our daily Food on the table!Thank you all

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