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Posted May. 25th, 2007 by Daniel J. Cox

I’ve been a loyal Nikon shooter for over 25 years. Nikon has a beautiful quarterly magazine called Nikon World and this month one of its features is a story on my work with polar bears. If you’re interested in downloading a PDF file of the magazine click on the Nikon World cover icon to get your copy. If you’re interested in more details beyond the Nikon world story, follow this link to the Nikon website: http://www.nikonnet.com. I’m fortunate to be front and center on the home page of Nikon’s informative web presence. Feel free to browse my story as well as the web pages to other important sites such as http://polarbearsinternational.org or http://www.tundrabuggy.com.

2007 Spring Nikon World Cover

2007 Spring Nikon World Cover

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Nikon for the many years of unwavering support in my mission to spread the word about nature and conservation issues. Nikon supplied the cameras and lenses for the Whisker Pattern study project sponsored by Polar Bears International. Biologists are using Nikon D100’s and 70-200mm lenses to take photos of the faces of polar bears at Gordon Point and Cape Churchill. By analyzing these images via computer software, they can tell which bears are which, without having to tranquilize them and do invasive research. Thank you once again Nikon for your help with this important project of science. Read more by visiting here.

View a PDF of the story containing Dan’s work here.

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  1. Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

    danieljcoxOn Oct. 29th, 2007

    Thanks for relating your experience Seth. Photography has long been an incredible tool for helping scientists analyze particular behavior etc. The Nikon 70-200mm is probably one of Nikons sharpest lenses ever although I’ve been extremely impressed with the 18-200mm as well. I shot an entire project last April using just the 12-24 and 18-200 and a D200 camera. Keep up your adventures into the outdoors. We need more people appreciating wildlife and nature.

  2. Seth Allan AmesOn Oct. 19th, 2007

    Identifying individual polar bears by there whisker patterns is amazing. I was guiding at a grizzly bear lodge and I would try to photo the bears as they all tended to perch on the same rock. I then stood on the rock to get a relative height of the grizzies. I do wish I had the 70-200 lens instead of the 18-200. I compared photos side by side on a D200 and the 70-200 is spectacular!

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