Consumer Reports Rates Lumix Cameras The Very Best

Posted Sep. 27th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

Consumer Reports Rates Lumix Cameras The Very Best and Panasonic’s Lumix brand is helping prove my prediction that 2014 will be the breakout year for mirrorless cameras. I’ve been predicting 2014 would be the year people finally start to realize that mirrorless cameras in general and Micro Four Thirds in particular are real and here to stay. Panasonic’s Lumix GH4 took the number one spot and the Lumix GX7 took number three. This is a major coup for Panasonic and something I’ve been saying all along. I’ve shot other mirrorless cameras including Olympus and Fuji and quite frankly I just don’t get why the market has overlooked Panasonic. I honestly believe it has a lot to do with the fact Panasonic is not a traditional name in the still photography world. Olympus and Fuji are well known and that seems to offer them an advantage. Thankfully the Panasonic word is starting to get out and it’s about time. They make amazing gear and it’s just going to get better.

Consumer Reports rates digital slr's ratings and reliability

Consumer Reports rates digital slr’s ratings and reliability. See the full report here.

Another sign of the times are recent rumblings by both Nikon and Canon suggesting they are finally getting the message – photographers are TIRED of hauling huge lenses and cameras around. Tired, tired, tired of it. Just this past week Canon announced they have a more advanced, mirrorless system in the works. It’s mentioned within this DPReview post.

Mr. Canon has a large cup of coffee hiding just behind that large Canon lens.

Mr. Canon has a large cup of coffee hiding just behind that large Canon lens.

And even Nikon is hinting that they’ve maybe been out to lunch for not taking mirrorles more seriously. Here’s a direct quote from Toshiaki Akagi, Department Manager in Nikon’s 1st Designing Department

“The mirrorless market is growing rapidly, thanks to products from manufacturers like Sony. We know that there is a certain body of demand for larger sensors in mirrorless products. Although we already have the 1 inch sensor in the 1 System, we don’t want to deny the possibility of future large-sensor mirrorless cameras. So maybe if there is enough demand we may be able to provide another type of mirrorless camera with larger sensors. This is one of the solutions”.

Toshiaki Akagi, Department Manager in Nikon's 1st Designing Department

Toshiaki Akagi, Department Manager in Nikon’s 1st Designing Department

Holy buckets, as we say back in the old country of Minnesota, the smell of coffee is finally taking hold with the sleeping giants of the still photography world. Wow, this is hard to finally believe. Mirrorless is the future and 2014 is proof of that. Stay tuned.

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