Consumer Reports Loves the Panasonic GH3

Posted Feb. 22nd, 2013 by Daniel J. Cox

Congratulations to Panasonic for impressing the hard to impress folks at Consumer Report Labs. They do a series of tests with all cameras and the GH3 outscored all other DSLR cameras. It won by only one point but as Consumer Reports states, “It’s just one point higher, but that’s still remarkable, since mirrorless cameras arrived on the camera market less than five years ago. But camera manufacturers have been flooding the market with these models, and our Ratings reflect this: We tested 33 SLR-likes and just 19 SLRs in this most recent batch”.


Their comment about being impressed with the a mirrorless camera doing so well is exactly what I’ve been telling my students. I’m astounded at how fast this category of cameras has matured and brought great options to the photography game. For those who missed my review of the GH3 you can read it at  Testing Panasonic’s Newest Four Thirds Camera, The GH3.

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