CO2 Emissions Affecting More Than Polar Bears

Posted Dec. 5th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

One of the great benefits to working with Polar Bears International is the fact we have a tremendously popular and charismatic animal that helps introduce people to the message of man-made Climate Change also known as Global Warming. Within PBI our message is most often one of how this change in our climate will create difficulties for the polar bear, however, all around us we see issues with other creatures. Tonight PBS has a great story on how CO2 is destroying the coral reefs in Florida. Watch the video below to see the dramatic changes around the shores of Florida.


On a related subject, I was on the phone today with PBI’s senior scientist Dr. Steven Amstrup and we were discussing a presentation we plan to give in Florida next March. He mentioned to me that the town we plan to visit was actually underwater 136,000 years ago during the last interglacial period when the earth’s temperature was just about a single degree C warmer than now.  Take a look at the map showing the shoreline at that time.

Shoreline of Florida 130,000 years when the earths temperature was just 1C warmer than it is today

Visit Polar Bears International to find out more about how we can all help reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to the great work at PBS and our worlds scientists for bringing us fact based knowledge our political leaders and corporations can use to make sound decisions. Now if we would all just pressure them enough to do so.




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