Canon Steps Up With the EOS-M Mirrorless Camera

Posted Jul. 25th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

Canon has finally joined the mirrorless, interchangeable lens revolution and by the looks of the introductory videos all over the web, it is a great first attempt to this fast growing category in photography. This is a positive sign for all of us wanting to see this class of camera move forward. Two very impressive options on the new Canon EOS-M are its ability to use all of Canon’s EOS series lenses with a special adapter, keeping all the lenses functionality, and the EOS-M actually has wireless strobe/flash capabilities with the ability to use the EOS strobes as well. Wireless flash has been something I’ve been desperately wanting on the Lumix bodies since I first started shooting the GF1 4 years ago.

Though Canon joined the mirrorless segment, they did not join the Micro 4/3’s group. They chose, like Sony and Nikon, to stay with their own proprietary  lens mount and use a APS-C sized sensor like the one in their Rebel T3i. That’s good for Canon but not consumers. However, that decision doesn’t’ surprise me. All the big guns are going to try and stick with the path that makes them the most money. Olympus and Panasonic had a shot at taking the micro 4/3’s market but quite honestly I think they’ve just moved too slow. What once was a huge lead for both of them is fast disappearing and as the big boys move into this segment the game may be over for Olympus and Panasonic.. That’s too bad for consumers since the Micro 4/3’s segment has given us all so many options.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Nikon does. I can’t help believing that they will have to step up and do something similar, meaning use a much larger sensor than the one they opted to go with in their new Mirrorless J1 and V1 cameras. The Nikon mirrorless segment is quite impressive with some spectacular technology that makes them stand apart from all others, only to fall short with the super tiny sensor they decided to use.

All in all I think Canon’s entry in to this market is super exciting for all of us. It just drives the competion forward, and with that I may finally get that Nikon mirrorless that will attach to my 600mm F/4 I’ve dreamt about. Time will tell. Stay tuned.


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