Canada Goose PBI Parkas Around the World & NYSE

Posted Mar. 10th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

As I travel around the world in my quest to tell the stories of wildlife and nature, I’m finding a familiar sight in the form of the Canada Goose PBI parkas. There have been at least three, maybe four different times, in cold climates around the world, where I’ve run into someone who’s supported Polar Bears International by purchasing the Canada Goose PBI down garments.

Canada Goose PBI Parkas

A couple wearing Canada Goose parkas, one of them the PBI version, I saw and photographed at the airport in Svalbard, Norway

My latest was what sounded like a Russian couple I met in the Longyearbyen airport in Svalbard, Norway. It also happened on one of our winter trips to Hokkaido, Japan where we met two gentleman shooting a documentary on cranes.

Canada Goose PBI Parkas

Dan with fellow photographers in Japan in their Canada Goose parkas that support PBI.

Obviously this is not a big news item for most people, but for those of us at Polar Bears International it’s a heartwarming reminder of the generosity of Canada Goose’s Dani Reiss. Just two weeks ago Dani donated 1 million dollars to PBI. Not only that, but he took PBI Executive Director Krista Wright and PBI Sr. Scientist Steve Amstrup to the New York Sock Exchange to help ring the bell for the one-year anniversary of Canada Goose’s listing on the exchange.

Text from the Canada Goose website about PBI affiliation

Polar Bears International (PBI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its habitats. Together with PBI, we developed a PBI Collection in signature royal blue.

A portion of the proceeds from each PBI design supports the conservation of polar bear habitats through research and education.

It’s one thing to be so generous with your hard-earned money, but being close enough friends that Dani brings part of our team to the NYSE is seriously considerate.

You can see the fun that Krista and Steve had for yourself in the video above. Dani? He’s the one in the middle, where he should be, up front and a little shy looking. That’s Dani Reiss, giving back and not putting himself out there in front of the camera any more than he has to. Thanks Canada Goose for all you’ve done for Polar Bears International. Dani Reiss seems to following in my all time favorite conservation hero Ted Turner who has literally donated billions of his hard-earned cash for the benefit of nature and people in general.

A couple of the places I’ve seen PBI blue have been when I’ve been shooting for the Arctic Documentary Project (ADP). The ADP is responsible for collecting some of the many stills and videos that PBI uses to explain and share their interest in polar bears and the changing Arctic. None of the monies the ADP receives comes from PBI, it’s all raised by us here at Natural Exposures. If you want to help please think about a DONATION to the ADP. It’s all tax deductible under the PBI umbrella. My recent trip to Svalbard to document the Maternal Den Study was all paid with ADP funds, and without that support, none of the stills and video would be possible. You can see more about the Maternal Den Study in the video above.

Get Involved Donation Page

Interested in supporting this project? You can make an online contribution by visiting our donate page and entering “ADP” in the honor field, or make checks payable to Polar Bears International/ADP and mail them to:

Polar Bears International/ADP
PO Box 3008
Bozeman, MT 59772

Both corporate and individual sponsorships are available.

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  1. KurtOn Mar. 11th, 2018

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and am a fellow Micro Four Thirds shooter myself. I think it’s great that you’re trying to increase awareness for polar bear conservation efforts, and I think it’s great that Canada Goose directs some of its profits towards such a worthy cause. However, given the numerous allegations (some of them very recent) against the Canada Goose company regarding their supposedly “ethical” sourcing, I would hesitate to actively promote them in the way that you seem to be doing here. There are plenty of ways to support polar bear conservation that don’t have the inverse effect of hurting other species.



    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Mar. 11th, 2018

      Thanks for writing Kurt. Unfortunately, you and I will have to agree to disagree in regards to Canada Goose. As far as your comment about their “Ethical Sourcing” I’m unsure of what you mean. They describe in detail their stand on the issue of sourcing their products AND like everything in this world, all things to SOMEBODY is an issue. In a perfect world the planet would not have even one human as far as I’m concerned so that includes me. But since humans are going know where for the foreseeable future I plan to do what I can to be as considerate as possible to ALL animals and the planet we all depend on for life. Canada Goose is doing the same and is a quality company that hides nothing. You can see for yourself on their web site regarding “ethical sourcing” here”. The folks at Canada Goose are close friends of PBI and me personally and I’m proud of the commitment they’ve made to the world of polar bear conservation. Thanks for your input.

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