Building Buggy One

Posted Dec. 22nd, 2006 by Daniel J. Cox


A curious polar bear (Ursus maritimus) intrigued by the remote camera that was used to stream video to the National Geographic web site.

Come see what it took to put it all together. Customizing a Tundra Buggy into a sophisticated mobile video production studio was no easy task. A week before our contract with National Geographic we had to replace virtually the entire wireless radio system that the whole project depended on. 110mph winds rattled the wires to their breaking point and lots of connections needed changing. Some of those wires were 200 feet up on top of a tower that could only be accessed by climbing, and it needed to be done during the tail end of the windstorm in gales that had subsided to 80mph. It was truly a challenge and you can see it for yourself by visiting the Building Buggy One page.

You can see some of the amazing video produced by my good friend and four time, Emmy award-winning videographer, Daniel Zatz. Polar Bear Video

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