Bozeman Camera LUMIX 1-to-1 TRADE-IN EVENT August 17-18th

Posted Aug. 17th, 2018 by Daniel J. Cox

Bozeman Camera LUMIX 1-to-1 TRADE-IN EVENT has been happening for the past week or so but goes a step further this Friday and Saturday, August 17-18th. On Friday, Panasonic Lumix Rep Mark Toal is leading a Photo Walk around my beautiful hometown of Bozeman, Montana.

Out of service skis create a fence line in Bozeman, Montana

From the way I understand the flyer, you can save an instant $200US off the Lumix G9. If you bring in a “working, interchangeable lens digital camera” to trade, you can save an extra $400US. That’s $600US off this amazing camera! Wow, I may be buying a third body. You can see a video about the Lumix G9 below.

Mark will be leading a group of photographers on the Photo Walk to discuss all things Lumix which includes, “Why the heck do people want to carry full-frame cameras with full-frame lenses anymore?” It no longer makes any sense. Especially if you shoot wildlife and nature. But let’s say you do landscapes and travel.  Even the Sony full-frame 24-70mm is huge and heavy compared to the Lumix 12-35mm (24-70mm) equivalent. Not to mention the price. Sony $2100US+, Lumix version about $899US

Marshal Lewis owner of Bozeman Camera with Panasonic Lumix engineers and Lumix camera developers in Bozeman, Montana.

Bozeman Camera has a special relationship with my friends from Panasonic/Lumix in Asaka, Japan. Lumix engineers have visited Bozeman twice in the past five years. Pretty exciting to be that close to the team who are working to literally revolutionize the world of photography. Below is a slideshow highlighting some of the pictures I’ve shot over the past few visits as well as a few pictures from the Gallatin Valley.

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