Bill Woolf Wants to Know How Do Il like LX10 Compared to ZS100

Posted Sep. 19th, 2017 by Daniel J. Cox

First Dan, I have been viewing and reading your web site and corkboard for several years and enjoy them. Your experiences with Panasonic seem to fit mine as well. I first started using the GH1, then the GH2, skipped the GH3, then the GH4, and now the GH5. I also have both the LX15 (LX10) and TZ100 (ZS100) versions since I live in Italy these days.

Now the question I have is what are your thoughts on the LX10 and the ZS100. You mentioned in a June article about using both the LX10 and ZS100 on a photo tour in Europe and that the LX10 survived a long fall and you were planning an article on them in the future. It is now almost 3 months later. Is this article coming soon? I am very interested in your thoughts about using these two cameras. I use them as 3rd and 4th backup cameras. My second camera is a GX80. I tend to use the LX10(LX15) more as the camera I slip into my pocket and take everywhere replacing the LX100. The ZS100(TZ100) gets less use since when I want a telephoto I usually use the GH5 with my 100-300 or my firmware updated 45-175. I am waiting excitedly to here your thoughts on these two cameras and how they worked or didn’t work for you.

Click on the image to see my thoughts about the Lumix ZS100 and LX10

Bill, sorry for the delay on this question. It’s so gratifying to know people are actually paying attention to what I’m often times blubbering about here on the Blog. You are correct that I did promise to publish my thought on using the LX10 and ZS 100 and in fact I did. However, it was not published directly here on the Corkboard, I actually did the review for Skip Cohen University who I sometimes do gust posts with. I appreciate you asking which reminded me I had not mentioned to my readers that the review is over at SCU. Sorry for the confusion. You can find the Blog post at From Phone to Camera by Daniel J. Cox.

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