Big News From Fuji on a New Mirrorless Camera System in 2012

Posted Oct. 5th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

Wow! Big news on the mirrorless camera front. Today Fuji has announced they are jumping into the mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera game. And from what they announced they are entering the game in a BIG way. Seems Fuji is going to really pull out all the stops with a monstrous amount of courage to boot. They are really looking to do something different by building a mirrorless camera that will have a larger sensor than current Full Frame digital camera’s such as Nikon’s D700 currently have.  This is really exciting news. Most of my predictions for mirrorless camera’s has been related mostly to the 4/3’s system that Panasonic and Olympus have pioneered. Others companies that have joined the game with sensors different sized than the Micro 4/3’s technology include Nikon and Sony. Nikon chose to go with the smallest of all sensors currently being offered in an interchangeable lens, mirrorless camera. Sony chose a larger APS-C sensor which is quite interesting since it’s the same sized sensor as many traditional camera companies use for their normal mirrored cameras. Now Fuji is going super large. Click on the image below to see the information I’ve run across and read it for yourself. Click on the image below to go to the dcwatch web site that has a news story translated by Google.

Early prototype of new Fuji XS-1 mirrorless camear

Rear view of prototype Fuji XS-1 mirrorless camera.


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