Mylio Photos Tip – Back Up Photos With Mylio Photos and Lightroom

Posted Aug. 8th, 2022 by Daniel J. Cox

In this Mylio Photos Tip I share with viewers how to back up photos with Mylio Photos and Lightroom and the major differences between the two programs. Saving more than one copy of your pictures while you’re traveling is absolutely essential. Relying on either your laptop, iPad or external drives alone is not a good idea since hard drives can die. When I travel, I save one copy of my originals to my laptop and two additional copies on two separate external hard drives, so three copies in all.

Many people ask me why I use Mylio Photos. One reason is the simplicity of getting my files backed up. In this video, I compare the backup features between Lightroom and Mylio Photos for this extremely important process. Protecting your pictures is an essential part of a good workflow system. Mylio Photos does it completely different, and it’s one of the main reasons I’m such a big fan of Mylio Photos. This short video titled Mylio Photos Tip – Back Up Photos With Mylio Photos and Lightroom will explain it in more detail.

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