Atomos Ninja-2 – Firmware Update & Donation to ADP

Posted Dec. 12th, 2012 by Daniel J. Cox

A few weeks ago I met Heather Williams from Atomos at the Kenmore Camera Photo Expo. She was showing an exciting new product for the Nikon D800 and other HDMI capture devices. The new tool is called the Ninja-2. It’s an LCD screen that shows a larger view of what you’re documenting and doubles as an external hard drive the camera saves uncompressed video to. There are other features such as Focus Peaking and a touch screen interface.

Heather Williams of Atomos shows off their Ninja LCD screen and hard drive enclosure at the Nikon booth at the Digital Photo Expo in Seattle.

Heather recently alerted me to the recent release of  a firmware update, Atomos 4.0, for the Ninja 2.  This new update gives the user the ability to record to Avid DNxHD in addition to ProRes. Thus is a major update for those who aspire to the highest quality possible will appreciate.

Ninja-2 HDMI video recorder and LCD screen for the Nikon D800

Along with this announcement, Heather also informed me Atomos was donating a Ninja-2 to the Arctic Documentary Project. Thanks Heather and Atomos for your generosity. The project will be better suited to document the changing arctic in the best resolution we can get out of the Nikon D800. I’ll be putting it through the paces to get a better feel for how it works. Stay tuned.

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