Apple’s IPad 2~Update to my Traveling Light and Mobile Entry

Posted Mar. 22nd, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

Several weeks ago I announced my intentions of working with Apple’s IPad as a new tool for trying to go as light and mobile as possible. I started this “experiment”  during my most recent Mentor Series Worldwide Photo Trek to Vietnam/Angkor Wat. Unfortunately it didn’t go as I had hoped, mostly because I shot so many more images than I expected and went nearly 100gigs beyond what the IPad 1 could hold. During the trip to Vietnam the IPad 2 was released and  as I predicted things just keep heading in the direction of making this amazing tool the ultimate in mobile photography. Unfortunately the IPad 2 does not hold any more images than the IPad 1 but it’s been beefed up in so many other areas that I’m still confident the day is coming where this device will replace my laptop for many of my smaller shoots.

Now that the IPad 2 has been out awhile I thought I would share some of the information I’ve become aware of. There are a very few number of web sites that I regularly visit and I’m going to share two of those with you. You may already know of them but if not this information could be helpful. They are and Dpreivew recently did an extensive look into the new IPad 2 and it’s definitely worth reading for those of you interested in a light and mobile alternative. Rob Galbraith has updated a blog entry on a program called ShutterSnitch that provides wireless transfer of images between camera and the IPad that is also very interesting. I trust both web sites to provide high quality, accurate information from their reviewers. As much as I wold love to review all new photo and photo related computer equipment I just don’t have the time to do the digging that some of these other folks already do so well. I’m actually writing this from Costa Rica in the middle of our three separate photo tours to this spectacular country. So follow these links to get additional information that you may find interesting and helpful. Hopefully, between the blog entires that I write myself and those I choose to share, you will find interesting and useful information for your own personal growth in the photography field. Be well and keep your eyes peeled for our coming collection of images from beautiful Costa Rica.


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