Always Looking for New Ideas & Chase Jarvis is Incredibly Inspiring

Posted May. 30th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

I’ve know about Chase Jarvis for about six months now. I can’t recall how he came to my attention but with 45,000 friends on Facebook he’s obviously very popular and you can find him nearly everywhere, doing nearly anything and everything in the world of creative visuals.. The guy really is a Rock Star photographer doing fabulous projects for lots of the worlds leading companies including Nikon. I guess what inspires me so much about this charismatic young man is his zest for life, his passion for his art, his inspiration to others and his giving back to people who are inspired by his great success. You can follow this link to get to his web site. I’m looking to improve our workflow for digital photography and he has a great video of how he does it. Take a look if you you want a top notch system. His video is describing it all is below.

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